The Common Causes and Injuries of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are the most disastrous and life-altering accidents on the roads. Commercial truck size

Truck accidents are the most disastrous and life-altering accidents on the roads. Commercial truck size and weight cause the victims to incur severe injuries and even death. There are many causes of truck accidents on the roads; hence, understanding these causes is essential to enabling truck drivers to avoid them.

In this article, we will explore the common causes of truck accidents and the injuries these accidents cause. This information is crucial for any trucker whose goal is to remain safe on the road. Also, visiting will help you clear all the doubts you may have regarding truck accidents.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Driver Fatigue

Some drivers may become tired due to long hours of driving and no rest. Frequently, they drive long miles, which makes them spend many days on the road. This leaves them with a few hours to sleep, making them lose concentration and coordination and hence slower to react to any incident on the road. Some truck drivers fall asleep while driving the truck.

Many companies don’t adhere to rules and regulations to protect truck drivers from such fatigue. These unlawful acts result in devastating truck accidents.

Distractions during driving

Distracted driving is an issue that is common among all motorists. The driver’s attention gets diverted, which can cause unintended truck accidents. Unfortunately, this recklessness might cost the driver’s or someone else’s life.

Use of alcohol and drugs

One would not imagine that a truck driver could drive when drunk or under the influence of other drugs, impairing judgment. Some truckers use cocaine and amphetamines to enhance their alertness while driving.

Overtaking and speeding 

Truck drivers may find themselves under pressure to meet tight targets and deadlines. This happens if they are instructed to deliver certain goods at a specified time or feel threatened with losing their job if they don’t deliver on time. Under such circumstances, truck drivers may overspeed to meet the demands of their clients or employers. Overspeeding and overtaking can cause fatal accidents or permanent injuries.

Poor training and maintenance

Some drivers manage to drive trucks without meeting all the training requirements stipulated in the law. Oblivious to the challenges of the weather, they find themselves in windy, rainy, or snowy weather only to make dangerous mistakes that lead to severe accidents.

Driving in bad weather requires adequate training and experience, especially when maneuvering large commercial trucks. In bad weather, it is advisable that a trucker drive much slower than usual. Poorly trained and inexperienced truck drivers may need help understanding these measures, lest they put themselves and other road users at risk.

In addition, the trucking company is responsible for maintaining their trucks before they get on the road. Poorly maintained trucks are prone to road accidents.

Improper loading of the cargo

Each load on the truck must adhere to particular weight, length, size, width, and height limits. There are regulations on handling a truck carrying a particular type of material. Overloading a truck can cause catastrophic accidents, especially if the load falls on the road. Similarly, hazardous materials could catch fire if not handled well.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can alter your life. It leads to partial, temporary, or permanent paralysis of your body. As usual, the spinal cord is the highway of your body, and slight damage to it can seriously affect your life. Its treatment is challenging.

Back and neck injuries

Your neck and back have fragile bones and ligaments that can easily be injured when exposed to pressure. For instance, when driving your truck, you may experience “whiplash,” whereby your head and neck snap forward but your torso stays in place.

Head and brain injuries

A head injury can be minor or major. Minor head injuries may not pose any danger to your life, but major head injuries can change your life forever.

Other injuries you can get due to the truck accident include burns, amputations, disfigurement, internal injuries, cuts, bruises, broken bones, and lacerations.

In conclusion, truck accidents can affect both the truck driver and other motorists. If you understand the common causes and injuries of a truck accident, you can make efforts to practice caution to minimize and prevent them.

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