Breast Cancer Removal Surgery

Are you going to have a mastectomy any time soon? Or is anyone close to you going to undergo breast cancer removal surgery? Then you can expect that the patient will be staying in the nursing home or hospital for several nights – it depends entirely on whether the patient gets their lymph nodes actually removed and following up with breast reconstruction. 

It is possible that it might take less time, and the patient will have to recover at their home for only a few weeks. In general, patients are instructed not to really lift anything heavy for some weeks – again, it depends on the intensity of your surgery. If your surgery is very serious, then the recovery period will last relatively longer with more restrictions on different physical activities. 

But what about the preparation before the surgery – stay tuned to find out!

Things To Be Prepared For Before A Breast Cancer Removal Surgery

While during the patient’s recovery period, you will find that there are multiple restrictions on physical activities like lifting your hands, pulling, or even pushing before the surgery. Of course, the best person to shed light on this is a medical professional – you must consult with only the best. 

For instance, if you are located in Singapore, then your top priority has to be finding the top breast surgeon. But just to prepare you, here’s what you can expect before a breast cancer removal surgery – scroll down to find out!

1. Get Hold Of Comfortable, Easy-Going Clothing

It doesn’t matter how long you will need for recovery, it is vital that you have comfortable clothing to wear both at the hospital and at home. From open-front comfy sweat jackets to flannel or cotton shirts that button, tie, or zip easily – any clothing that requires you to pull it on over your head can be ignored at this time. 

You could also try out loose-fitting and pull-on pants in silky or cotton fabrics. If you or your close one is getting reconstruction, then it is vital for you to go for only loose fits. Since reconstruction uses tissues from the abdomen, the area stays tender. Also, don’t opt for anything expensive or fancy since incisions are prone to leaks initially. 

2. Make A Plan For Updating Your Loved Ones

Once your surgery is done, the hospital will typically prefer communicating with a single person regarding your results and progress. That is precisely why you need a proper plan for updating that particular person and others on your emergency list. Perhaps, the most convenient thing you can do is create a group and drop updates in the same.

In case you do not want to create any groups, then you can call just one or even two people and give them the responsibility to let other people know about your updates. In case you have to stay in the hospital for over two days, then you can also make a decision regarding whether you want to see visitors or not – depending on the same plan for letting different people know. 

3. Equip Your Home

Once you or your close one gets the breast cancer removal surgery done, you will not have the time or energy to actually equip your home. Of course, it is only practical to organize and equip your home with everything you need. From prepping your kitchen to equipping your bathroom, you need to take care of all aspects. 

Don’t forget to organize your closet and, more importantly, your room – keep everything that soothes you around so that you can reach whatever you need while going to bed. You also have to be cautious about incisions leaking – if you are wearing a surgical bra, then you need to be careful about leakage. 

Preparing For A Breast Cancer Removal Surgery

Of course, the tips we have mentioned above are the most basic thing that you need to be aware of before preparing for a breast cancer removal surgery. 

But more importantly, you must always consult with a medical professional before making any changes to your existing schedule. Tell us what your thoughts are. 

And if you have already undergone such surgery, please share your experiences about 

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