Essential Tips for Exercises

The ability to move muscles and joints during active movement is known as dynamic flexibility.  This kind of flexibility helps in reaching the full potential of the body during sports, exercises, and daily activities. The flexibility reduces the risk of injury and improves performance. For increasing flexibility, controlled movements and combined stretching should imitate the activities that you are going to do. For example, if you are going to play soccer, you should stretch your legs by kicking.

Torso Twists 

To increase the mobility of the spines and hips, torso twists are really useful. The twists will help in strengthening the muscles from the core. These warm-up exercises will help you to get back to throwing, running, and swimming.

Arm Circles 

This exercise helps in toning the muscles in your arms and shoulders. The arm circles will help in toning the biceps and triceps. The exercise is a very good warm-up for throwing, swimming, and training the upper body weight.

High Kicks 

When you want to stretch your hamstrings before kicking or running, high kicks like the toy soldiers can help you during the activity. The hip flexor muscles and quadriceps can be strengthened with the help of this exercise. Elementary Health of Cambridge also suggests high kicks before you are going for a run or kicking activities.

Butt Kicks 

This exercise will help in stretching your quadriceps which prepares your thighs for running. In this exercise, the glutes, and the hip muscles are strengthened by executing from the back leg position.

Shoulder Rolls

Before you are going for a throwing or a swimming activity, the shoulder rolls will help in preparing your shoulders. You should place your body in the postural correct position that will help you in developing an improved posture. The tight muscles are also loosened in the upper back or neck positions. These two areas are often affected due to poor postures.

Leg Circles 

The hips, thighs, and glutes can be warmed up with the help of the leg circles. These exercises are often called as hip circles. This mat exercise strengthens the hip muscles, core, the glutes, and helps in improving the stability of the pelvis.

Arm Swings 

This exercise targets the upper body muscles. Your upper back and shoulders are mostly targeted with this exercise. The muscles of the chest, shoulder, and back are stretched and activated with the help of this exercise.


The hip muscles get full flexibility and the glutes are stretched when the lifting motion is used for the knee-to-chest. This exercise helps in creating more space between the nerves so that the pressure on the spinal nerves is relieved.


All the above-mentioned exercises will help in improving dynamic flexibility. Before doing any sports or any physical activity, the warm-up exercises imitating the real activities will help in gaining flexibility. The exercises target different specific muscles and joints that will improve flexibility. The sportspersons and the persons involved in physical activities will gain usefulness from these exercises.

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