Tips For Furnishing And Decorating Your Bedroom for Better Rest

Decorating Your Bedroom

Do you want to sleep better and get a night’s rest that makes for a better and happier you? Here are some tips to do so.

1. Pick Your Style 

A wide range of styles are available for selection, including Industrial and Scandinavian, so determine the best one for you to help narrow down your options when buying decor and furniture. It’s also likely that you don’t have an idea about your preferred style. An excellent place to start is visiting Instagram or Pinterest and checking out posts you’ve saved that contain rooms you admire. Focus on details that pop up more often, such as color patterns, materials, as well as shapes. 

Do you mostly notice more dark colors, metals, and sleek silhouettes? You’re probably an industrial-style person. Are you feeling more of curvy shapes together with light and neutral palettes? Perhaps boho style is your thing. If you still find yourself stuck and undecided, it’s time to do a quick Google search, where you will find all kinds of interior design quizzes to attempt, and you’ll most likely get a better understanding of what’s good for you. (In fact, we have our own). After you have determined your style, you can then move on to other fun stuff. These blue drawers are the perfect addition to a modern bedroom.

2. Be Careful with the Bed You Pick 

Being the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, the bed is a focal point, meaning you need to pick it wisely. Would you like a mid-century look with character and warmth? All you need is our Lenia Walnut Bed. 

Keep in mind how you’ll be using your bed when shopping for one. Do you begin by reading before starting your day? You’ll need a bedframe with a well-padded headboard, such as the Tessu, which is excellent to lean against as you explore your latest read. Want something low profile you can dress up with your preferred headboard? Then you need the Basi Bed. 

3. Pay Attention to Your Senses 

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Sometimes you could be too distracted by how things look; however, when decorating your room, also ensure you concentrate on how things sound, feel, and smell to end up with a great space. For instance, a lavender diffuser introduces a calming scent to your room, and on the other hand, a noise machine can help counter loud neighbors and traffic noise, allowing you to sleep with ease at night. 

For a sense of touch, begin with your sheets. Replace the scratchy maroon sheets you had in college and get fabric ones like queen bed sheets, bamboo, linen, and organic cotton. You will notice the difference, and remember to thank us later. 

4. Buy a Rug 

No feeling compares to jumping out of bed and landing on a plush rug first thing in the morning. Besides providing more detail to style, rugs add coziness and warmth to the space. 

Pick a rug that’s large enough for your bed and extra space on both ends to make things as comfortable as possible. If you have a Sven, which is a king-sized bed, the 8 x 10 Elko rug is a perfect choice, as it fits nicely with some extra space on each side. 

5. Use Lighting to Set the Mood 

One way to make or break a moment is through lighting. Whether you want to continue sleeping as your partner leaves for work or you’re home on the weekend resting with a glass of wine watching your favorite show, you’ll need suitable lighting. 

Add various lighting sources to your bedroom for use whenever you need to illuminate the space. For instance, The Fila Table Lamp is good to use at the bedroom desk when completing some nighttime assignments, while a Rama Table Lamp on the bedside produces a soft glow that allows you to read when you feel like it. 

Do you have a reading nook or lack overhead lighting in your bedroom? Get the Pendula Floor Lamp for extra lighting without having to call your electrician, and possibly end up paying even more money. 

6. Organize Your Storage 

Research shows that cluttered bedrooms contribute to anxiety and poor sleep quality. Invest in storage solutions to reduce visual noise and keep the room orderly. A dresser like Envelo is tall enough and only takes up a little space, yet it comes with five drawers to hold your belongings. 

If you need more drawers or space, a long low dresser, for example, Nera, can accommodate all your stuff while looking fantastic as you’d love it. Is your room small, or are you just looking for a nice spot to place your gifts? Try the Lenia Underbed Drawer Set, and you’ll never regret getting it for your storage needs. 

7. Prioritize Nightstands 

More on storage, consider nightstands as another opportunity to keep things in your bedroom organized while boosting style. With a Lenia Floating nightstand, you have an extra drawer for your valuables, and the good thing is that it doesn’t take up any floor space. If you need more storage space, you’d better have the Geome Nightstand, which is equipped with two massive drawers to help you store whatever you want.

Ensure your nightstand is clutter-free to maintain the calm and restorative atmosphere we all strive to have. You may have a glass, lamp, and water carafe out, and maybe two more items you need to use often, but try to leave the top drawer for other things. Need we say out of sight, out of mind?

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