last trimester of your pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys but is full of its challenges. For instance, we all have heard from expecting mothers how the last trimester becomes extremely taxing on their overall health and wellwell-beingt. Only does the body feel uncomfortable, but there’s also the pressure of making sure you’re ready for labor. If you wish to make sure that the last leg of your pregnancy passes smoothly, use these five tips to help you get more comfortable and prepare your body for a healthy labor.

  1. Relieve belly pain: In the last trimester, it may feel like there’s no more room for your baby to take up in your uterus. Belly aches and soreness are very common among expecting mothers, leading to hunched shoulders. However, keeping your back straight will help create more room. Also, when the baby’s kicks and movements feel like they’re hurting your ribs or squishing organs, try this technique. Move with the baby’s movements rather than tensing up. You can get on all fours to help the stomach angle down and away from your organs to reduce the pressure.
  2. Experiment with pregnancy massages: When you’re pregnant, and in the third trimester, you may feel inflammation all over your body and not just your belly. The back, ankles, and shoulders may hurt due to the weight of the growing fetus and hence may need some relief. Opt for pregnancy massages and warm baths, which can improve blood circulation to these specific areas and alleviate soreness. You can either visit a professional or ask your doula to help. Also, your partner can take up pregnancy classes with you where they are taught ways to help lift the baby’s weight or give soothing massages to the expecting mama.
  3. Try a pregnancy pillow: We understand how it becomes difficult to sleep comfortably, even on your sides, in the third trimester. If you feel the need for a supportive pillow that takes care of your growing body, the pregnancy pillow is equipped to do exactly that. Not only does it help you put your leg over with ease, but it also helps align your body in a way that can help you sleep peacefully. 
  4. Gentle exercise for easier labor: Some several gentle exercises and stretches will help your body prepare for when it goes into labor. There are several steps you can take to induce labor, but yoga and little stretches that help your pelvis expand gently will help your body is in a better position to push when it’s the right time! It is understandable if your body seems to tense up, but that may only make the contractions more painful. Instead, research birthing options and positions that feel natural to your body other than the common one (on your back).
  5. Try the ice-cube training method: We all know that labor is painful, but one can build resistance to it by training to bear some pain. From the olden days, our grandmothers and elders have trained by holding ice cubes in their hands while pregnant to improve their resistance to pain. Start by holding for 30 seconds to as long as you can. Ice may hurt a little, but it is an excellent method to help in building a higher pain threshold.

Wrapping Up:

The abovementioned tips come from generations of mothers who have tried, tested, and succeeded in delivering healthy babies. We hope that you find relief and build your strength in this time to ensure the best outcome for you and the baby.

By Caitlyn

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