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Planning to start a pharmaceutical sales company or pharma franchise in India is a great business. There are an ample amount of available opportunities. You have to discover some tips that will help you to get into the pharmaceutical industry to get desired results. You should have a highly effective pharmaceutical business plan that you can implement. The reports show that successful pharmaceutical companies in India are single founders.

The essential factor to consider for starting a pharmaceutical company is to know about the market conditions, you must have the proper knowledge and to meet the demands of your consumers. The critical aspect is to work within the Food and drug administration norms. The success of a new drug in the market lies in meeting the demand of the public.

Let’s discuss the tips to start a pharma franchise

License and business formation

When you plan to start a pharmaceutical company, especially in India, you have to prepare the appropriate business structure. You should consider the needs and official work that must be done to start a pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical companies should be formed as limited liability corporations so that it becomes comfortable with the tax sheltering and mitigating liability.

You have to form a proper business organization and appoint a registered agent. You have to ensure that the company should comply with the licensing laws.

Decide upon the various factors such as the manufacturing and development of drug and also upon the clinical trials and distribution whether to do it in-house or on contract basis.

Establishing a brand

When you want to start a pharmaceutical company or a plastic surgery marketing agency, there is a possibility that you might face issues. When you have to get a drug prescribed from the healthcare professionals who are going to recommend products to their patients.

Pharmaceutical companies spend money on courting healthcare professionals, marketing, sending promotional materials to pass laws and legislature that will strengthen bottom lines

Hence, there is a need to establish a strong brand that will create an impact. Building a brand will help to create a level playing field in the market. If you lack financial resources, then establishing a brand will provide a clear message.

Research and development

You have to keep patience when it comes to research and development of the drug. You must focus on the research molecule than a generic one, especially when you want to start a pharmaceutical company. You should focus on the standards of your pharmaceutical company.

Funding efforts

When you start a pharmaceutical company initially, it will be difficult for you to produce a drug without investors. The solution is to approach a crowdfunding model and also angel funding to get proper funding to grow in an effective manner.


We discussed a few tips to start a pharmaceutical company, especially in India. You must keep some points in mind before starting a pharma company and should be clear about the approach to implement the strategies to establish a successful company in the market.

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