Take Care of Your Dentures

Whether they’re partial or complete, dentures require a lot of care and attention. Regular cleaning every four to six weeks is essential to ensure your dentures remain in good shape. 

Do you wonder, Can I sleep with my dentures” Here are some tips to take care of your dentures, from preparation to follow-up.

Cleaning Process

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On the first day of your denture care regimen, clean your dentures with water and brush them carefully to remove plaque. Make sure not to damage the gum tissue during this process.

Next, soak both your upper and lower dentures for five minutes in a glass of lukewarm water. It allows them to rehydrate and enables you to remove any excess plaque easily.

After this, clean your dentures with a soft-bristled brush. Don’t forget the backside! Ensure no food particles or plaque are left behind, as these can lead to gum disease.

You will also want to brush over the ridges of the denture to remove any stubborn particles.

Rinsing Process

It’s important to rinse your mouth after brushing your natural teeth as well as your dentures. It will help prevent plaque from building up between your teeth and gums. Make sure you brush both above and under the gum line; this includes the inside, the outside, and the bottom.


Your dentures need to be stored in a glass of water while you sleep. It creates a film over your gums, preventing them from being stretched or torn while you sleep. If this happens, they won’t fit properly and become loose in your mouth when eating or drinking.

If you take your dentures out during the night, ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing them again. If not, this can lead to bacteria formation and tooth decay.

During the day, keep your dentures in a glass of water while you work. It should be changed regularly, with boiling water replacing the room-temperature water.

Lastly, it would help if you never store your dentures in hot places like near a heating source or directly above it. It can damage them and leave small cracks that aren’t visible but can damage the integrity of the dentures over time.

Diet Considerations 

Do you wonder “Can I sleep with my dentures?”

Partial or complete dentures don’t create any issues while eating or drinking, although you should avoid a few things.

For starters, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. It keeps your mouth moist and prevents dry mouth, which leads to tooth decay.

Alcohol must be avoided as it can erode the gum line over time. Also, acidic drinks like fruit juices can erode the denture over time.


Maintenance is a must to take care of your dentures properly. You can do this at home or by taking them to a dentist or dental clinic for cleaning and repair. 

An essential part of maintaining dentures is the following: Remove food debris from your denture where it’s difficult to reach, such as under teeth and between ridges with a dental pick. It takes a few seconds and is a great way to maintain your dentures.

Clean around the attachments of each denture with a moist soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure to clean beneath the wing, since plaque can develop there and cause gum disease or bad breath.

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