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Whenever we think of our good memories from winter, a scene where a group of people enjoying their barbecue comes before our eyes. Winter barbecue is not only about having great holiday food of grilled meat; it also offers a wonderful time, memories, and refreshment. Therefore, you don’t want to have any problems occurring in this event. This article includes all the areas you’ll need for a successful barbecue and mentions where issues may arise. So, this is going to be your ultimate guide to arrange a fantastic barbecue party.

Firstly, invite your kith and kin. When they hear about it, in no time, they will be at your door. A barbecue is not only about eating grilled meat; it’s about spending the time cheerfully during the whole process. And your friends and family are the ones who will take care of the entertainment.

Ask them to bring their guitar and ukulele for playing songs so that no one gets bored. Plan games like truth or dare to add some spice to the moment.

Secondly, reposition your grilling area closer to your house so that you need fewer steps to get yourself and the cooking materials to a safe place if rain or snow starts to fall suddenly. Moreover, if you pick a location near your home, it blocks air from that side, which gives you protection. 

But try to avoid enclosed places like garages, porches, or overhangs where fire hazard risks are present. As wind direction plays a significant role here, a garden can be an ideal place where all sides are covered with dense trees or walls.

Thirdly, you need a special kind of barbecue machine. It should have a lid of thick material as you have to do it with the lid closed in the winter. If the material is not thick, it will lose temperature quickly because of the cold outside and ultimately takes a longer period to get done. It takes almost half to one-hour extra time than the barbecue in summer. You have to plan and prepare your barbecue according to this.

Fourth, traditional barbecue options are using charcoal or gas. If you prefer your courtyard for a charming atmosphere of a real fire, you’ll surely go for a charcoal barbecue. It also adds a smoky flavor to your grill, which enhances the taste a thousand times, but it takes a huge time to barbecue on charcoal, and winter makes it even longer.  

But if you want it to be quick, you’ll have to opt for a gas barbecue. It reaches the required temperature quickly. While you ignite the BBQ, keep in mind to position it away from the wind. Once the fire is ignited, it will keep you warm and make the surrounding temperature comfy.

Fifth, if you have opted for a gas barbecue, your next consideration will be the gas bottle type: butane or propane. But you’ll not want to pick Butane gas as it cannot be used when it freezes. On the other hand, you can use propane gas up to -42 degrees. But at first, you need to check your regulator of the gas barbecue as it might not be applicable for both.

Sixth, if possible, bring the smoker out too. It will add a delicious smoky taste to your dishes. You’ll have to use it before the barbecue. You just need to put down a large piece of meat in there before starting the barbecue. Cold smoking will be an excellent way of adding extra flavor to your dish.

Seventh, you can also consider an electric griller for your winter barbecue. It can be ideal for those who don’t want to encounter the cold outside. You’ll just need a connection from where you can power your griller with electricity. It also takes much less time than charcoal and gas barbecue. Even better, your apartment and neighborhood will not get smoky, so there won’t be any complaints from them.

Eighth, when we hear about throwing a great barbecue, all we think about is a dish full of meat. Heat up your griller to the perfect hot temperature for the perfect steak. Place the lid on if you’re doing it on a charcoal barbecue. And while serving, put the meat and side dish on a preheated plate and wrap up with aluminum foil so that it doesn’t cool down immediately.

Ninth, don’t forget about the sides. You can pick classic winter vegetables like butternut squash, pumpkin, or healthy mushrooms as side dishes for grilling. And if you don’t want to miss out on dessert items, you can try stuffed baked apples from the grill, which are very tasty as well as healthy. These are just a few examples; your taste bud might crave for more.

Tenth, a savory liquor and a non-alcoholic drink for the children will be a nice touch to end the BBQ party and make the whole package complete. Go for winter flavors, such as mulled wine, cinnamon, or baked apple.

Eleventh, if you don’t want to spend the whole winter night shivering, it’s essential to wear the perfect warm clothes to keep you protected from the cold. As you’ll be working near the fire, try to avoid synthetic clothes that can catch fire easily. You can put on a woolen sweater, which will keep you warm and safe from fire.

Make an arrangement for enough blankets so that your guests can take them to keep their body warm when they are cold.

Twelfth, in winter, nights are longer than the days. So, you’ll see the sky getting dark very quickly. As a result, you’ll have to provide a suitable lighting source. It can be a camping light, lantern, flashlights, possibly a campfire. Besides, it increases the temperature a bit to keep your friends warm as well as providing brightness. Proper lighting is also needed to see whether your meat is already done or not. 

Be ready to dust off your barbecue cover and give it a go. Enjoy this winter season with grilled meat and dishes!

By Caitlyn

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