Permanent Birth Control

Also known as male sterilization, vasectomy is a surgical procedure that is designed to help fight against pregnancies. It is known to be super effective, and a much safer alternative than tubal ligations for women. It is the number one permanent birth control. 

If you wish to go through with the vasectomy procedure, you first need to find a good doctor. You can check out vasectomy or you can search for a local doctor instead. This decision should not be made alone, so make sure to have a proper discussion with your family about whether the vasectomy procedure is the right one for you.

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Vasectomy is a good permanent birth control method

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that is designed to make your semen sterile. It is a simple procedure that is often done in the doctor’s office. The small tubes located in your scrotum that are in charge of carrying sperm to the semen will be blocked off, thus you do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies. 

How is the procedure done?

Your doctor will make small incisions on each side of the scrotum, through which he/she will reach the vas deferens (tubes that carry the sperm) and block them. After this, you will most likely not need any stitches, as the wound is so small it will heal on its own. 

You will be able to go home the same day after the procedure, and you will be able to return to your daily activities in a day, while some men might take up to 5 days to go back to their day-to-day activities. 

Keep in mind that this procedure is supposed to be permanent, so unless you are 100% certain that you do not want to have kids in the future, then this is the procedure for you. This is why it is advised that you do not make this decision on your own. It is always a good idea to talk to your family about this decision.  

Even though a vasectomy can be reversed, you should not count on that. Vasectomy is designed to be a permanent method of birth control, so that is how you should treat it. If you have any questions, make sure that you talk to your doctor about the procedure. 

Scalpel vs. no-scalpel vasectomy

Today, there are two versions of the vasectomy procedure, that will only differ in the way the incision is made. The scalpel vasectomy is the traditional one, where your doctor will use a scalpel to make incisions to reach the vas deferens. The no-scalpel procedure uses a device that will make tiny puncture wounds instead of incisions. 

Risks and side-effects

No matter what procedure you are going through, there are always some side effects and risks that you need to consider. In this case, although the vasectomy surgery is seen as a minor one, there are some side-effects that you could expedience. You could have mild pain afterward, along with possible bleeding and swelling of the scrotum.

However, these do not happen often and are not that serious. If you are experiencing discomfort for a longer period after the surgery, it is time to talk to your doctor. The complications are not common, but they are possible, and it is always advised that you talk to your doctor about this. 

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Talk to your doctor if you have any questions

Vasectomy myths

There are a lot of myths circling around the vasectomy surgery, making a lot of men doubt whether they should go through with the surgery… if you need more information, check out vasectomy. Here are some myths debunked.

  • Your sex drive will not change – contrary to what many believe, the vasectomy procedure will not affect your sex drive or performance. Your libido will stay the same, your erection will last just as long as it used to, and you will be able to ejaculate the same as always.
  • Breezy recovery – no, you are not going to have a long and painful recovery. Many patients are actually very surprised just how fast and breezy their recovery is. You are able to fully recover from, a vasectomy in a week.
  • It doesn’t work immediately – right after healing from the vasectomy surgery, you should not have unprotected sex. Unprotected sex is not a good idea especially if you change partners, but also the vasectomy surgery takes time to take effect. 

Final word

The vasectomy surgery is currently the best permanent birth control method for couples who do not want to have children in the future. It is a non-invasive surgery that has low downtime, is done quickly, meaning that you can be up and running in no time.

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