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Dip powders are essentially colored powders with a refined dust-like texture used in a type of manicure called Dip Powder Nails.

Dip Powder Nails is a go-to alternative to the typical manicure experience. It is known for its convenience because it is easy to apply and manageable compared to gel nails and acrylic nails.

There are many tools in standard nail dip starter kits; they may differ from kit to kit, but nonetheless, the essential tools are present. Once you have your very own dip powder nail starter kit, from the dip powders to the bases and a few extra tools, a DIY at home is very achievable.

But regardless of the tools, there are also worthy precautions in the application process of Dip Powder Nails if you want that tidy, durable, and natural-looking manicure.

Often than not, most tend to overlook finer details in the application, which results in an undesirable finish. Failure to follow the steps will gradually reduce the durability of the manicure, and issues such as flaking, chipping, and fading of colors will start to be evident in a matter of days.

Let this article guide both would-be enthusiasts and long-time manicure enthusiasts to properly apply to get that Stunning and Durable Dip Powder Nails.

Prepare the Tools

First and foremost, the key to a good Dip Powder Nail is a good start. What better way to start than to prepare the tools necessary in the manicure.

Naturally, the best nail dipping powder kit comes equipped with several colored dip powders to choose from a set. These colored dip powders come in packs of either seasonal colors or thematic colors like Christmas editions which consist of festive colors like red, green, and white. At the same time, there are subtle thematic colors like pastel-colored powders.

It also comes with a dip base and dip top used for the base and top coat. Understand that the base and top coats play a vital role in dip powder nails and other manicure types.

The base coat helps moisturize the nails from drying and prevents the nails from getting stained by the colors. While the top coat seals the powder and prevents it from fading, it also protects the nails from the elements. 

Pay attention when applying the coats, as these layers add additional durability and bendability to the dip powder nails. Improper application of the costs will result in lifting, flaking, chipping, and even fading of the color in the dip powder nails.

Additionally, starter kits come with activators. These solutions are used to cure the nails, which means it bonds the layers together and gives them durability. Furthermore, standard manicure tools like cuticle pushers, nail buffer, and file are also present in the

Prep the Nail

Prepping the nails means cleaning them. In prepping the nails, make sure that debris and oils are removed thoroughly in the nails. If the nails are not cleaned properly after the finish, bubbles will form that will cause your manicure to lift, thus ruining it.

Please wash your hands properly to sanitize them and use lint-free cloths and wipes to rid the nails of particles and oils. Lint-free cloths are essentially cloths that do not leave behind shredded pieces of cotton or paper like regular cloths and wipes. You might have cleaned off any dirt, but lint of cotton and paper pieces will still cause bubbling in the nails.

Using a pusher, push the cuticles back to remove any dead skin to prevent it from getting in the way and subsequently makes the nails healthier. Furthermore, trim any loose dead skin and cut any hangnails. It is essential to remove any loose dead skin to prevent infections when applying any kind of manicure. 

Properly preparing the nails means that your nails are problem-free from chipping, fading, peeling, and even lifting. A proper prep also means that coats will adhere to your nails properly. Dip Powder Nails will last longer and will become more durable.

When you prep the nails right, Dip Powder Nails will last for about 3 – 4 weeks. Furthermore, dip powder nails are known for their durability and bendability; the added preparation will maximize the longevity and provide less time to retouch.

Dust Trays for Recycling

Take note, dip powders are not meant to be shared with multiple people, especially in nail salons, to prevent any risks of passing nail infections. However, the colored dip powders can still be recycled.

Having your own dip powder starter kit means that you are free to do your dip powder nails at the comfort of your home at any time, and having to recycle it will save you from running out of it fast.

After you have applied the base coat and dipped the nails into the colored dip powder, you will notice that there will be excess powders once you lift it. Too much dip powder will make the nails bulky and will look unnatural.

Using a clean recycling tray, dust off the excess colored powder with a brush or tap your fingers into the tray. That way, you can recycle the excess powder and subsequently save you money.

It is recommended that if you do share it, prepare a separate container or effectively sprinkle it into the nails.


From the best acrylic nail kit to your very own dip powder starter kit, preparation is the key to a good, lovely, and lasting manicure, especially in Dip Powder Nails.

Before starting your Dip Powder Nails, the proper preparations will ensure those manicure problems like chipping, peeling, lifting, and fading of colors will be prevented.

Essentially Dip powder nails are known for their durability, lasting for about three weeks to a month on average. Despite its durability, it is well known to be very bendable and having that natural-looking finish.

Let this article guide both beginners and long-time enthusiasts to recheck and pay attention to their process to ensure gorgeous-looking nails.

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