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A smiling face can be the most beautiful sight for anyone and the person who always wears it. But some hesitate that it will reveal their misaligned or overlapping teeth, which may not look attractive. Cosmetic dentistry has many solutions for them and others who find this imperfect. Invisalign, crowns, and veneers are a few examples. These treatments can help straighten your teeth and improve your self-confidence. And if you don’t know, straightening crooked teeth can also help you stay safe from many potential health risks. Let’s delve into this matter to understand the implications.

Why are your teeth crooked or misaligned?

Several reasons can be responsible. However, one of the common factors can be your genes. You may have inherited this from your parents. Hence, you don’t need to feel guilty that bad childhood oral habits are the cause. Scientists say that changed jaw size due to modern lifestyle can also lead to this problem. Our ancestors used to chew a lot. Current generations mostly survive on soft and processed foods that don’t require much munching. As a result, the structure of the jaw bone doesn’t develop much and remains short, leading to crooked or crowded teeth. In some cases, lack of nutrition can be the culprit. Your body tissues and teeth don’t develop well if you don’t eat nutritious food in childhood.

Misaligned bite or malocclusion refers to the misalignment of lower and upper teeth. It makes you vulnerable to underbites, overbites, and other such problems. Your oral health can also suffer because of hygiene issues. If untreated, it can take the form of gingivitis and progress to periodontitis. Such dental conditions can make your teeth move, fall out, or become loose. Even babies who lose teeth early can face crooked teeth problems. Other common causes of crooked teeth can be pushing the tongue against the front teeth out of habit, thumb sucking, and using pacifiers too much. Sometimes, jaw or facial injuries also become the source of this issue. No matter what, a cosmetic dentist can help you with this challenge.

How can cosmetic dentistry help?

If you have crooked teeth, you can search for cosmetic dentistry near me in Plainview. Some may ask how they would know if their crooked teeth are causing any issues. A simple way to figure this out is to focus on your smile and your feelings. If you like the shape and size of the teeth, you can continue with them. However, you want to fix this issue when it damages your confidence or poses health risks. Teeth straightening is necessary to avoid concerns like periodontitis or low self-esteem challenges. When you visit your local dentist, they will examine your oral health and recommend a suitable method based on the severity of the misalignment.

In most mild and moderate cases, Invisalign is the popular choice. Rarely can it also tackle severely crooked teeth. Invisalign or clear aligners are detachable dental trays you can wear and remove as your dentist instructs. According to this professional dentist in Carmel Valley CA, Invisalign should be worn every day for at least 22 hours. Unlike chunky metal braces, these plastic aligners maintain a discreet appearance. Metal brackets are uncommon today. Still, some patients rely on them to rectify their dental issues. Your dentist will tell you what you need and why. Apart from them, crowns and veneers are also an option. Veneers are mostly porcelain shells that protect the front part of the teeth.

On the other hand, crowns help restore the whole surface. For each porcelain crown, you may have to pay an average of USD $1,800 to USD $2,400. The average cost for Invisalign can be around USD $3,500 to USD $8,000.

Why should you get your crooked teeth straightened?

Although crooked teeth are mainly cosmetic problems, they can affect your quality of life by increasing your health risks. As mentioned, it can lead to periodontal or gum disease and tooth decay because you cannot adequately clean some areas of your teeth, given their particular shape and form. Some common signs of gum disease include swelling and itchiness in the gums. When not attended, it can cause gum infection, resulting in the tooth or bone loss. Your jaw can feel strained, or a tooth or two may get chipped or damaged. Due to crooked teeth, your jaw, gums, and teeth need to work hard, which makes them wear out soon.

As you struggle with chewing due to teeth alignment, your digestive system also suffers as it has to exert to break down those half-chewed pieces. And you already know that such teeth lines can make you conscious about your smile. You may not realize it, but this can create an unknown psychological pressure in your mind. One may constantly question their look and feel unhappy about their appearance. In some cases, crooked teeth can also doom your heart health. Some experts say that oral plaque formed on your teeth due to hygiene issues can impact your heart adversely when swallowed. The harmful bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and interfere with the heart valves. Although it is a debatable point, caring for your dental health should be a priority. 

Do you get frequent headaches? The burdened jaw muscles and teeth can lead to painful headaches. And, of course, the risk of bad breath is also inevitable. It can be another reason why you should treat your misaligned teeth.

Crooked teeth treatment can be a part of cosmetic dentistry, which people believe has to do only with aesthetics. But treating this dental problem can have many positive implications in your life. While your confidence can undoubtedly zoom up, you will also notice a difference in your oral health. The ability to clean your teeth and gums better than before will remove the bad smell from your mouth. When this reduces, it is an indication that bacterial buildup is in control. Hence, the risk of tooth and gum decay can be at bay. So, find out a local dental clinic in your town or city and get checked. It has a cost, but the effect of the treatment will be more precious than what you spend on your teeth. Consult a trusted dentist for guidance.

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