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The importance of eye exams for eye health cannot be overemphasized. However, you can’t achieve this without the help of eye doctors and optometrists. Just because a recent eye test revealed you have 20/20 vision does not mean that you can avoid going to the eye doctor. An annual eye exam is important for your overall health. If anything, a simple eye exam can reveal a lot about your eye health and overall health. Below is why eye doctors and optometrists are important for your eye health.  If you want to learn more about the full services that professionals like this offer you could look here.

Eye doctors and optometrists can help to detect early signs of serious health problems in the back of the eye. Regular eye exams have revealed the presence of hypertension and diabetes when the eye is dilated. This can happen way before you begin experiencing significant symptoms. Since the back of the eye is where the optic nerve is located and it connects to the neurological symptoms, eye doctors and optometrists can detect some neurological diseases such as optic neuritis, aneurysms, and even idiopathic intracranial hypertension. 

You may not know your vision is not as good as it seems. Without an eye doctor, you may think you have good vision when in reality you’re developing serious eye conditions that may compromise the quality of your vision and even result in permanent vision loss. You may need vision correction glasses but may not be aware because you have not gone to the eye doctor to help you determine the best vision correction lenses for your eyes. If you are not able to see well, you may not perform some daily tasks optimally, including reading, driving, using the computer and smartphone, and more. Visiting eye doctors once a year can significantly lower the risk of car accidents because some drivers will be able to see more clearly and prevent some accidents from happening.

Visiting an eye doctor or optometrist can also help to treat some eye conditions that are generally irreversible if caught in their later stages. According to eye doctors, several eye conditions are treatable if caught early. However, many people never visit their optometrists or only do so when an eye problem has prevented them from performing their daily tasks efficiently. For instance, while there are no symptoms of glaucoma in its early stages, visiting your optometrist annually to check the eye pressure can help in the early detection and treatment of the conditions. Therefore, visiting an optometrist or eye doctor once a year is important if you care about your health.

Optometrists can also help to detect red flags or early warning signs of eye conditions. If you’re over 50 years, you are at a higher risk of developing cataracts and other eye conditions. An eye doctor can help you detect and treat some of these red flags before your eye problem develops to its advanced stages. Some of these red flags include eye redness, itchiness, seeing floaters, eyestrain, blurred vision, and more.

Therefore, the importance of eye doctors or optometrists cannot be overemphasized. From treating simple eye diseases to detecting early warning signs of serious health conditions, there’s no limit to how an optometrist can help you maintain good health. Visit your eye doctor annually to ensure you’re in good health.

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