Mommy Makeover

Breast augmentation is another way of saying breast enlargement. It is usually performed via a saline or silicone breast implant inserted under the skin. 

It’s also one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery in the United States today. Current data shows breast augmentation in the top five cosmetic surgeries sought annually by patients.

A Mommy Makeover usually involves both the abdomen and the breasts. So you may be wondering whether breast augmentation is included in this highly popular procedure.

Let’s talk about the benefits of breast augmentation, when it is and isn’t part of Mommy Makeover surgery, and how to decide what’s best for you.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy Makeovers aren’t one-size-fits-all. In fact, that’s one of the most attractive aspects of this choice: you’re able to select the procedures you want to attain your body goals.

Most Mommy Makeovers start with two types of plastic surgery:

  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty): The surgeon removes excess skin around the abdomen and stitches the incisions closed for a tighter, flatter look.
  • Breast lift (mastopexy): The surgeon removes excess skin and tissue, repositions the breast, nipple, and areola, and stitches the incisions closed, for a more lifted look.

What Additional Procedures Can You Have?

When it comes to Mommy Makeovers, you have a broad range of options. However, be aware that each is a separate procedure with its own separate cost. 

Additional procedures for Mommy Makeovers can include (but are not limited to) these sought-after surgeries:

  • Liposuction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Labiaplasty 

Why Do Women Choose Breast Augmentation?

How you feel about your breasts can have an impact on your self-esteem. Having your breast size enhanced is a personal decision that, for many women, can be a game-changer. 

This is particularly true if the breasts have lost volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss, or the natural effects of time.

While every woman’s reason for getting a breast augmentation is different, you may be seeking breast augmentation because it:

  • Enlarges breasts that feel and look too small for the patient’s desired body goals
  • Can give you a more pleasant shape
  • Can improve symmetry between the breasts
  • Can deliver a natural-looking result
  • Is customizable in size, from a subtle look to a more dramatic size change

How Breast Augmentation Is Performed

Whether you choose breast augmentation with your Mommy Makeover or as a standalone procedure, the steps will be the same.

Here is what you can expect from your breast augmentation experience:

The Consultation Process

  • You will have a thorough physical exam of the breast area.
  • You will have a sit-down consultation with your plastic surgeon, who will ask you questions such as your past and current health status, any drug or alcohol use (including prescription medications), and your goals and expectations from the procedure.
  • You and your plastic surgeon will decide on the type of implants and the placement of the saline or silicone implants (over or under the chest wall muscle).

Before Your Surgery

  • You will be asked to stop any medications that cause blood thinning.
  • You will be asked to stop smoking, if you do smoke.
  • You will be asked not to consume any alcohol.
  • Your doctor may give you your post-surgery medication prescriptions in advance so you’ll have them ready when you need them.
  • You should arrange for transportation to and from the hospital or clinic, as you will not be able to drive after your surgery.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

  • You may be given light oral sedation, such as Xanax or Valium, before your procedure so you’re more relaxed.
  • You will be made comfortable on the operating table and an IV will be inserted into your arm (or other location).
  • Once you are fully sedated, the plastic surgeon will make the appropriate incision under each breast (or in the armpit).
  • The surgeon will then place each implant and adjust it so it is secure and looks the most natural.
  • The surgeon will close your incisions.
  • Any other surgeries you have chosen will be performed.
  • You will be awakened and will probably be asked to walk a few steps. It is essential to be very lightly active following any surgery in order to prevent blood clots.
  • You will be wearing a breast augmentation bra and any other garments or tape that your other surgeries require. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how long you will need to wear these.

Is Recovery Longer if You Include Breast Augmentation With Your Mommy Makeover?

The recovery time should be about the same — six to eight weeks before you’re feeling fully yourself again and can resume all your normal activities, including working out.

However, because several areas of the body are being operated on simultaneously, you may be very restricted in what you can comfortably do. 

Make sure you have made arrangements in advance for help around the house and for rides to and where you’ll need to go for at least the next two weeks, as you will not be able to drive until your plastic surgeon gives you the green light to do so.

Your Results Can Be Life-Changing

While recovery from a Mommy Makeover – or from a breast enhancement procedure by itself — takes time, most women love their results. 

You’re most likely to be very happy with your breast augmentation if you have had a thorough consultation beforehand, and if your expectations for your results are realistic. Ask your plastic surgeon what you can expect.
With these steps, your results can enhance your happiness, your quality of life — and how you look in that bikini!

By Caitlyn