Gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico has emerged as a procedure of choice for thousands American women and men who seek to eliminate obesity in a safe and affordable way. However, you should follow certain steps before and after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico in order to achieve desired and sustainable outcomes. 

Tips to Follow Before Your Gastric Sleeve 

1. Choose a Reliable Medical Tourism Provider

If you are not well-versed with Mexico and its healthcare system, your best bet would be to partner with a trusted medical tourism company with established credentials for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. They will help you undergo your procedure at one of the leading hospitals or bariatric centers in Mexico with a top qualified and experienced weight loss surgeon.

Your medical tourism partner will also assist you with your travel and stay arrangements, and will hand-hold you throughout your treatment process and beyond in Mexico as well as your home country.

2. Be Proactive During Your Pre-Op Consultations

Your pre-surgery consultation process with the bariatric surgeon is going to be foundational to the success of your procedure. Feel free to ask questions about the surgeon’s professional credentials and experience and request them to share gastric sleeve before and after pictures of their past patients.

Be transparent about informing your medical history and personal goals to the surgeon so that they can correctly determine your candidacy for sleeve gastrectomy. Make a well-informed and independent decision after careful deliberation.

3. Maintain Realistic Expectations Throughout 

Patients who have a positive mindset, clear goals and realistic expectations usually achieve the highest satisfaction levels from their gastric sleeve surgery. While it is natural to feel excited and hopeful about achieving dramatic weight loss results, remind yourself that is not going to happen overnight. 

Moreover, if you suffer from obesity-related medical conditions, the symptoms are likely to diminish but not entirely disappear in all the cases. Be aware of the pros and cons, and remain realistic about the final outcome of your bariatric surgery.

4. Be Diligent about Following Pre-op Instructions

Your weight loss surgeon will provide you a set of do’s and don’ts to follow before and after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. If you are a smoker, you will have to refrain from smoking for at least a few weeks prior to your procedure. Your surgeon may also instruct you to avoid taking any blood thinners or NSAIDs a few days for the date of surgery.

Be focused about following your gastric sleeve pre-op diet, which will include a liquid diet for about two days just before your surgery. Your diligence in these matters will only help ensure your safety during and after the surgery. 

5. Arrive in Mexico At least a Day or Two in Advance 

Once your vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico has been scheduled, try to plan your visit in a way that you get at least one to two days to acclimatize yourself in the new environment before your surgery. It will also give you time to interact with your surgeon and staff and gain familiarity with them before your scheduled surgery.

Your bariatric surgeon may want to conduct certain pre-op tests and evaluations prior to your VSG surgery. You will be able to complete these requirements comfortably if you reach your destination in Mexico ahead of time.

Tips to Follow After Your Gastric Sleeve 

1. Rest Well at Your Hotel for a Week 

After your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, you may or may not require an overnight stay at the hospital, depending on your condition. Thereafter, you will return to your hotel where you should get plenty of rest for at least one week. For your own safety, avoid moving out or traveling during this early period so that your incisions can heal well.

From the second day of your surgery, you should take short walks in the hotel room and perform light activities. This will improve your blood flow in the incision sites and expedite your healing process. 

2. Stay Committed to Your Post-Op Diet 

Your Mexico gastric sleeve surgeon and their nutritionist will provide you detailed post-op diet guidelines, which you must follow with full commitment. Remember that your sleeve gastrectomy will only facilitate your weight loss, but the actual success of your surgery depends on your own dietary discipline. 

In the first two weeks after your VSG surgery in Mexico, you may have to remain on a primarily liquid diet. Thereafter, the diet plan will gradually include pureed, soft, and solid foods. 

3. Avoid Vigorous Activities for Two Months 

Within the first month after your gastric sleeve surgery, you may feel that your incisions have completely healed and you are ready to hit the gym or move to a regular fitness regimen. However, it is best to avoid vigorous physical activities and exercises for at least six to eight weeks following your surgery. 

You can return to your workplace in about two weeks after surgery, as long as the work does not involve strenuous physical labor. In about two to three months, you would have achieved near-complete healing to resume most types of activities, exercises, and sports.

4. Enlist Support of Friends or Join a Group

Life before and after gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can get monotonous at times because of the constant focus on healthy eating, fitness, and safe recovery. This is the time to enlist the support of your family, friends, and colleagues so that you can continue to move forward successfully towards your weight loss goals. 

You may also consider joining an online or offline bariatric surgery support group or community where you can interact with others who are undergoing or have been through the same journey as you.

5. Keep Track of Your Medications, Supplements, and Appointments

Although your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico will start providing you relief from your co-morbidities, some of your medications may still continue. Your bariatric surgeon may also recommend some nutrition supplements to ensure that you do not develop a deficiency. You may also have to maintain period follow-up appointments with the surgeon. 

Maintain a journal which will help you keep track of all your dietary requirements, medications, nutrition supplements, and medical appointments. 

The Final Word 

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is a transformative procedure that can dramatically improve your health, personality, and quality of life. Follow these simple yet practical tips to accomplish your weight loss goals safely and comfortably. 

Your health and well-being is priceless, and advanced procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery can help you regain control of your life. With a little commitment and self-discipline, you can make the most of your life and exceed your own expectations.  

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