What you do on your first date is crucial. It will create an impression on you, which significantly impacts the budding relationship. However, sometimes it’s tough to decide on what to do on a first date. Of course, you will eventually talk about sexual pleasure like DIY sex toy, but you should first do your date properly and plant romantic feelings into it. 

Don’t worry, below is the list of fun activities you can do on your first date. The tips and tricks on this list are all irresistible date ideas that will help you develop the relationship in a deep manner.

Take Her on a Long Walk in the Park Nearby

The first date means you want to know her more, so you should not speculate on bringing her to specific places that she might not like. Since you don’t know her do’s and don’ts yet. It is best to take her on a long walk, talk about what she likes to do, what makes her happy, and be her human diary for a while. 

In any case that she doesn’t want to walk, you can sit down in front of good scenery and fresh air. Bonus, you don’t need to pay for the park, so if you feel like moving to your next plan, it’s easy to go out. 

Go on a Picnic With Her 

A long walk may not work with every girl, especially if you are dating a workaholic who is always tired. So a picnic is your best choice, plus it can show how sweet you are. Not all men know how to pull off dates by going on a picnic. 

Most girls want to have your hundred percent attention, and it is possible in a picnic at the park, mountains, or beach view. You may both agree to bring something particular or meet up at the grocery store to shop for a spread. It is an excellent way to know what food she likes and what she does not. 

You can also bring music players and use your headphones so you can go nearly to each other romantically. Card games are also a good idea but make sure it is a game for everyone. It is good to introduce new games to her, but it is a risk. Make sure that she can easily partake with anything you introduce her to.

Take Her to a City Tour 

If you live in a big city, there is a big chance that you’ve never been to all the tourist places there before. So it is an excellent opportunity to grab on your first date. Jump on a bus together, act as if you are a tourist discovering a beautiful place in the town. It will be memorable and whenever she goes back to those places, she will remember you.

Make sure to do your research on sites that are romantic, adventurous, or good to know places. Check if those areas are accessible or if there’s a need to make an appointment with the place. It is a plus to women that you make an effort, especially on first dates. 

Take Her to a Food Truck Festival

A fun fact about women is that food can make their day. No woman wants to be hungry, especially on a date. No matter how handsome you are and how smart you talk, it will be useless to not feed them. So taking her to a food festival is a fantastic idea. Since it is a festival, there will be various foods in the area, so it’s a safe idea. 

Let her pick the food she wants to eat. Make sure to take note of that. You can also let her know what you like to eat to learn how she can adapt to the things you want. Of course, not all of us have the same choices of food and stuff, so it is essential to know if your date can adapt to that or not. 


Sure, first dates are crucial, and you might feel nervous but what does matter is the fun you should both feel on your first date together. Forget the spark, focus on your compatibility, and make sure that you can already know that on your first date. 

One sitting is not enough to know a person but at least find out if there’s a chance that the two of you will work out. So there you have it! These are the best and impressive date ideas you can do to get to know each other without wasting your chance.

By Caitlyn

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