First Aid

Unpleasant thought it may be, the fact remains that accidents happen at the most unexpected times. We are not certain when an injury may happen to us or to our loved ones, or even to those who are around us. Even experiencing it as a bystander, an accident/injury is not a pleasant scene.

First aid intervention in the events of accidents, mishaps, and occurrences whether in the workplace, schools, universities, or in the place of incidence is encouraged. Administering first aid in the first few minutes of the accidents can help prevent lifelong disability and can save lives.

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the initial assistance given to a person who is injured or becomes suddenly ill. It is comprised of relatively simple techniques, such as CPR and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED), that can be performed manually or using rudimentary equipment.

First aid application is usually carried out by a bystander until an ambulance arrives and professional medical assistance is ready to take over. 

The importance of knowing and understanding basic first aid is hard to overestimate.

Here are some of the major benefits of learning first aid given to you by first aid pro, A FIrst aid course :

  1. Gives you the ability to help.

First aid provides people the ability to help and provide assistance during various emergency situations. If someone suffers from a heat-related illness such as heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, a person trained in first aid becomes more than just a mere bystander. 

Knowledge in administering first aid will make you invaluable support not only to victims but also to first emergency responders and medical professionals. 

  1. Keep you and your families safe.

First aid benefits you as an individual, as well as those who are around you. You will be able to handle stressful situations, in a calm effective manner. 

  1. Prevents the situation from becoming worse.

Without proper first aid, a simple injury or illness could turn into something much more severe. Many long-term complications, even fatalities, are resulting from accidents and emergency situations result from a lack of immediate first aid medical treatment. 

First aid does not only facilitate recovery. It helps save lives.

  1. Improves Security

Knowing that you have the skills needed to save you and others when required, gives you a sense of security. The feeling of being ‘uncertain’ or the fear of the unknowns is significantly reduced. There is no need to worry about the inability to respond to emergencies.

  1. Promote overall Safety

First aid life skills play a critical role in our daily lives. It helps in the effective promotion of illness and injury at home, in the workplace, in schools, and the society at large. First Aid has been proven helpful in tackling emergencies that occur in our immediate environment and sometimes beyond.

By Caitlyn

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