The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, especially on global industries. Due to the restrictions and safety protocols imposed by the government, numerous sectors experienced adversities in delivering their services to the public. 

Here are several industries that were greatly affected by the heightened safety protocols caused by the pandemic: 

  1. Healthcare Services 

The healthcare industry is one of the most affected sectors by the heightened safety measures brought about by the pandemic. This industry provides medical services to people stricken by the COVID-19 virus. Healthcare workers are most vulnerable because of their exposure to the disease. 

Moreover, the industry also faced a shortage of medical supplies, like the ones on this page, because of the decrease in the production of medical equipment from manufacturers. Moreover, with the shortage of medical supplies, this sector is experiencing a surge in demand for testing and treatment services, particularly in hospitals and laboratory centers. 

Other less crucial health services, like aged care facilities, are also placed in strict safety measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. Hospitals have also put a limit on their patient capacity to contain the spread of the disease. 

  1. Travel And Accommodations 

Travel restrictions due to safety measures caused a significant drop in demand from both international and domestic visitors. Furthermore, strict regulations on non-essential activity have led to the closure of many lodging establishments. 

Domestic travel has also decreased significantly as more travel restrictions are imposed and people follow the quarantine orders. Furthermore, most people are hesitant to travel because they are afraid of acquiring or spreading the disease. This weakened the demand for the accommodation subsector even more. 

  1. Transportation 

Due to safety measures and concerns, the pandemic also weakened the demand for passenger transportation. Social distancing restrictions have rendered passenger transport services to substantially reduce their operations.  

Air transportation, in particular, has been greatly affected by the travel restrictions imposed. Most airlines have suspended most of their domestic and international flights due to health protocols. 

The same as air transportation, the market for cruises during the pandemic has dropped because of safety measures. Moreover, the halt in the tourism and travel industries also affected the transportation sector. With fewer tourists traveling, the demand for transport services has decreased proportionally. 

  1. Food 

The food services sector was also affected largely. The government ordered bars and restaurants to halt their operations due to safety protocols. As many small businesses couldn’t afford to pay their employees’ wages, they were forced to shut down permanently.  

Other food service operators have shifted to delivery or to-go services to keep their businesses going. But, they were still compelled to reduce their employees and shorten their operating hours. These forced closures and shifts in operations resulted in a drastic increase in unemployment. 

On the other hand, these safety measures gave rise to mobile food services and deliveries. This is because the public opts to stay at home to lessen their exposure to the virus. Most consumers rely on the convenience of getting their food delivered to their doorsteps. 

  1. Arts, Recreation, And Entertainment 

The increased safety measures brought about by the pandemic have taken a negative toll on the arts, recreation, and entertainment industries. Due to the restrictions for public gatherings, there’s also a decrease in the number of permitted activities. Public and recreational places were also ordered closed to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Here are some places that were closed to the public in light of the safety measures to control the pandemic. 

  • Gyms 
  • Museums 
  • Libraries 
  • Indoor Sports Venues 
  • Concert Venues 
  • Cinemas and Movie theaters 
  • Youth Centers  
  • Community Halls 
  • Amusement Parks  
  • Arcades  
  • Outdoor and Indoor Markets 

Likewise, concerts and sporting events have been canceled or postponed to a later date. Even as lockdown measures have abated, most recreational centers are still closed because of the social distancing protocols enforced by the government. 

  1. Education 

The education services industry has also been significantly hit by measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Most schools shut down and shifted to online classes as a substitute for physical attendance. Although some countries are starting to open their schools, most countries that are severely stricken by the pandemic opted to remain in the online learning scheme.  


Due to numerous safety measures implemented by governments all over the world, several industries have been impacted far more than others. Truly, the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other pandemic. It has disrupted the course of industries globally.

By Caitlyn

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