Health Benefits for Employees

When scouting for a job, few people consider all the necessary benefits they are entitled to get. In most cases, a handsome salary is all it takes to dissuade candidates from seeking additional benefits such as retirement, voluntary, and health benefits. However, most people fail to realize that health benefits for employees are a necessity rather than a luxury.

Health Benefits You Should Look out For

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When signing a contract with your new employer, there are various types of health benefits that you may want to lobby for yourself. With these kinds of benefits, you will find life much more straightforward and comfortable working for your employer. 

1. Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is the most commonly offered insurance by employers. In most cases, it covers doctor and hospital visits, prescriptions and examinations, and even surgeries. Employers often pay a portion of the premiums required in medical insurance covers.

2. Dental Insurance

This kind of insurance will cater to all your dental procedures, including dental checkups and treatment. Many of the dental insurance covers pay special attention to diagnosis and prevention. In this case, they cater for dental cleanings and annual exams, fluoride treatments, and even X-rays whenever necessary.

3. Hospital Insurance

Hospital insurance is a type of insurance that caters to hospital costs incurred. As an employee benefits, you may have to pay a monthly fee that will cater to your private insurance. 

4. Critical Illness Insurance

The fear of deadly illnesses may prevent you from working effectively. Treating such illnesses is also not an easy task. It would be best if you had an insurance plan that will help pay for out-of-pocket costs incurred during the treatment of such diseases without posing significant financial stress to you.

5. Vision Insurance

Whether you have pre-existing vision problems or not, you need to be safely at peace each time you go for eye checkups. This kind of insurance will see to this. It often helps cover all the checkup and treatment fees, including the costs you may incur in buying glasses or other prescribed eye products.

6. Cancer Insurance

Dealing with cancer is hard as it is without factoring in the financial strain that comes with cancer treatment. That is why you need to get cancer insurance from your employer. It offers you the financial security you may need when battling cancer.

How Deductible Works 

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Not many people fully understand how deductible works. A deductible is simply the amount of money you must pay for covered health care before our insurance company pays the rest based on your insurance plan. For instance, if your deductible is $1,000, you will have to pay the first $1,000 worth of covered services yourself.

While choosing your insurance plan, it is essential to remember that many plans may not cover all your medical expenses. Most insurance plans will pay for various services such as checkups and disease treatments, while others cater for preventive benefits. 

You may also buy insurance plans that require separate deductibles when it comes to purchasing prescription drugs. While deciding what plan will suit your needs best, it is best to remember that plans with lower monthly premiums often attract higher deductibles. As such, it may be best to go for plans with slightly higher premiums and lower deductibles.

Importance of Employee Health Benefits

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The significance of health benefits is numerous and cannot be overemphasized. However, here are some of the key perks of getting health benefits from your employer.

1. Protection from Outrageous Expenses

Having a significant health benefit plan will go a long way in protecting you from some of the outrageous expenses you may have to incur as you seek medication. Such costs may include treatment costs, transportation, and prescription purchases. Having your insurance pay for some of these expenses will significantly help to subsidize these costs.

2. Healthy Work Environment

When you are assured of your health and wellbeing, it is much easier to uphold a positive working environment as compared to the instances where you are ever worried about your wellbeing.

3. High Quality of Life

By receiving routine checkups courtesy of your health insurance, your quality of life is bound to increase. Regular health checkups ensure that your health is in check and that nothing is weighing you down. They also enable you to treat any conditions that may develop before they become unmanageable.

4. Increased Productivity

Nobody can work effectively when stressed about various issues in life. Lack of a proper health plan may slow you down and significantly limit your productivity. On the other hand, a robust health benefit will keep you motivated even as you focus on your work.

5. Affordable Medication

Regardless of your ailment, getting medication has never been cheap. It gets even more expensive when the treatment in question is for a severe illness or medical condition. Having a great health benefit plan ensures you afford whatever medication you need by either paying the full price required or a portion of the amount you need.

Do not Settle for Less

While striking an agreement with a prospective employer, always remember that good health benefits are your right and not just a luxury. Many employers are often willing to include various health benefits only if the employee asks for them. Therefore, do not accept a ‘salary only’ kind of employment. You deserve health benefits that will make your life at work much more comfortable and bearable.

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