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Throughout the day, our hands are exposed to harmful germs, bacteria and much more. It has become vital to maintain hygiene and clean our hands frequently in today’s unhealthy atmosphere. With COVID-19 pandemic at large, alcohol sanitizers are scarce in the market, and you might have noticed empty shelves in pharmacies. 

But we have the alternative option to keep your hands hygienic, germ and virus free when there is no availability of soap and water. It is hard to find an 80% alcohol-based gel sanitizer in the market, but keeping a personal hand sanitizer spray bottle made at home can be remarkably easy. 

Commercial hand sanitizer contains ingredients that can cause irritation to skin and can be scary as germs, so why not invest in making your hand sanitizer. All you need is to carefully follow instructions so that you do not mess up, also ensure that the tools to be used are properly sanitized, or else you end up contaminating the whole thing. 

You will save some money as well as protect yourself from germs with a customized bottle of homemade hand sanitizer.

How it works

The crucial component in a hand sanitizer spray bottle is alcohol, which needs to be at least 60% to prove as an effective disinfectant. A homemade hand sanitizer is an acceptable option to store-bought sanitizer when blended with ingredients correctly. 

A DIY recipe requires two parts – 91 percent rubbing alcohol and a part of emollient so it could theoretically work. The recipe calls for ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, do not dive into another type of toxic alcohol. If you use a product that comprises a lower percentage of alcohol, then you need to hike the amount of alcohol, or it will not be effective.  

Simply rubbing between your palms is not a substitute for traditional handwashing. Alcohol-based disinfectants used in the proper proportion of 3 millilitres and rubbed enough for 25 to 30 seconds can work as you are not always near the sink.

Beyond adding fragrance in your hand sanitizer, the essential oils may protect you against germs. For instance, thyme and clove oil include antimicrobial properties. If you are using antimicrobial oils, then you can use a drop or two, as these oils are potent and might clash with your skin softness. Lavender and Chamomile provide a soothing effect on your skin.

Aloe vera gel works as a humectant; it locks the moisture. It protects hands from drying up due to alcohol. You could use a substitute of aloe as glycerine or hand lotion. But alcohol is a prominent product that cannot be substituted with something else.

Tools and materials

● Bowl and spoon

● Bottle with a pump dispenser

● Funnel

● ⅔ cup of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, whichever available

● ½ cup of aloe gel 

● 8 to 10 drops of any essential oil (optional)

Make hand sanitizer 

Nothing could be simpler than making a hand sanitizer spray bottle. All you need is to combine the ingredients and blend them. 

➢   Get your ingredients 

Make sure you have all the ingredients, alcohol, and aloe vera gel. 

➢   Mix Ingredients 

Add ingredients together in a bowl and mix properly with a spoon till they are not blended properly. You could sterilize all the products before using it to avoid contamination. 

➢   Fill in the bottle 

Time to add in the bottle. Use the funnel, pour your hand sanitizer into the bottle, and screw the top of the container.

➢   Ready to use

Your hand sanitizer spray bottle is ready to use on the go. 

Protect your hands 

Hand sanitizers are meant to be used as a backup option when lathering with soap is not an option. Soap and water are more useful for removing viruses compared to alcohol-based sanitizer. Alcohol irritates your hands and dries the skin. It even strips out protective oil. When using a hand sanitizer, it is suggested to follow up with a good lotion that keeps skin top in shape.

Damaged skin has tiny cracks or holes that can trap bacteria and viruses, which ultimately make them harder to remove. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra cautious while applying hand sanitizer as higher concentrated alcohol causes irritation.

Bottom Line 

Hand sanitizer spray bottles are portable on the go products that help you prevent the spread of germs or viruses when you cannot work on traditional methods of water and soap. Amid the pandemic, it is quite hard to find hand sanitizers in pharmacies and local stores. Hence, the above-mentioned recipe can help you get an effective solution.

By Caitlyn

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