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Christian healthcare programs are membership based, non-profit healthcare arrangements where members of the Christian faith come together to help fellow Christians pay their medical bills. These programs are different from insurance programs since they are not based on medical approvals or financial credibility standards. 

Patients or relatives applying for these health care programs do not need to pay premiums or commissions to become members of the program. These programs are active in all 50 states of the US and are a budget-friendly solution to members who are not completely capable of paying off their medical bills and expenses by themselves.

Understand the Eligibility Requirements

These health care programs have precise requirements, and you may want to check your eligibility for the program. You may be asked to sign on specific “declaration of faith statements” and confirm your identity with government issued ID cards. The organizations may also ask you to attend church regularly. 

The whole idea of a Christian health care program is to provide cost-effective healthcare solutions to Christian members. The following ministries generally administer health programs:

  • Christian Healthcare Ministries;
  • Samaritan Ministries;
  • Liberty Health Share and,
  • Medi-share.

Go through the eligibility requirements of each of these ministries. 

Understand How They Work

Christian health care programs are often compared to insurance policies, but they work differently. Every month, members of the programs are required to pay a basic program fee. The fee may range anywhere between $45 and $4500 based on the package you choose. The money is invested in a fund or saved by the ministries. A member who needs funds for health care can approach the program administrators or managers. 

You may need to submit certain documents when you apply for benefits. To be eligible for the benefits, you must submit bills, documents, and doctors’ recommendations. Most programs don’t pay for minor costs like check-ups or scans. They primarily focus on providing financial solutions for significant ailments and surgeries that require a considerable amount of money.

Choose the Right Package

Define your requirements and compare different packages to understand which health care package is best for you. The package follows a slab-based system and may vary from program to program. They are generally categorized into gold, silver, and bronze packages. It may be a good idea to compute your estimated health care costs and then choose a compatible package. 

If you don’t incur significant health care costs every year, you may not need a gold package. Premium packages may require higher monthly payments from the patient’s end. However, reports show that an average American spends around $10,000 on health care expenses every year. 

You may be able to minimize your health care costs to a significant level by joining a Christian health care program. The programs are popular among Christians who can’t afford high healthcare costs and even small entrepreneurs who offer them as perks to their employees.

Understand the Policies for Pre-existing Conditions

Like insurance companies, Christian healthcare programs also have separate schemes for people with pre-existing health conditions. If you have a pre-existing condition, it’s best to alert the ministry and choose a program specifically designed for these conditions. 

Members with pre-existing conditions may have to pay a higher monthly fee. You may want to note that “pregnancy” doesn’t qualify as a pre-existing condition. However, CHM programs offer financial solutions to maternity expenses and other related expenses. You may also need to complete a prayer page request form if you have a pre-existing condition.

Join an Authentic Program

Not all programs that are advertised as health care programs on the internet are authentic. Watch out for spammers or other data thieves who may intend to steal your bank data. Go through reviews and ratings of different programs to understand their authenticity. 

You can also ask for referrals from existing members. Most of these programs are accessible through your local church. Ensure that the program you choose is managed by a reputed Christian ministry that follows all the required guidelines and policies. All prominent healthcare ministries have their home websites you can visit to assess your requirements and apply to become a member.

Understand the Policies and Practices

Read the detailed guidelines and policies relating to the health care program. Ensure that the requirements of the program and the guidelines of the ministry align with your faith and principles. Different Christian healthcare ministries may have different requirements and different binding principles. You may want to ensure you are joining a ministry whose belief system is compatible with yours. 

Christian HealthCare Programs offer Viable Financial Solutions.

Several Christians now choose Christian health care programs over insurance programs. While Christian health care programs don’t offer guarantees and assurances related to specific expense coverage, they are a secure, cost-effective way to handle unforeseen medical emergencies. Joining a Christian health care program will also help you connect with a group of like-minded individuals who follow the same beliefs.

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