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All of us want to live a perfect life, free from tension, stress, and diseases. In simple, we all want a happy and healthy life. For the same – for living a healthy and fit life we do different things in our life, and one of among this is we do follow specific plan.

Now, if you are a female and want to stay healthy, happy, fit and in shape, then you too have to follow certain fitness plan for women, as for both men and women it vary in various manners because of different body structures.

And in today’s post, we will discuss the same – women workout plan, by following which you can get the body you were dreaming off.

So here we start:-

  1. Know The Truth

Yes, first of all, know the truth before heading towards any plan related to your well-being. I am saying this because most of the women think that doing heavy weight lifting or weight training will turn them into women hulk.

Well, that’s not true as both men and women have different hormone balance plus women don’t have that hormonal support to get a body like men hulk. Thus, it is a complete myth, that lifting weight will make you look bulkier.

  1. Start with Warm Up

For any workout plan, it is necessary to start with warm up and same it is in the case of workout regimes for women. Thus, begin with a warm-up which will help you to initialize your central nervous system and muscles for the activity and also will augment the flow of blood to your muscles.

  1. For Mobility and Momentum go for Activation Movement

Now the next step in the workout routines for women is that you have to gain momentum, mobility and it is possible when you indulge yourself in 12-15 reps, to shape your body. Thus, at start go for 12-15 sets of reps in one set , hence strengthen plus tone your targeted muscles.

  1. Start with Moderate and Heavy Weight To Get in Shape

Now the next point which should be adopted is that –start with moderate weights, then go for heavyweights as it will help you to get muscle strength and shape. Also, it will help you to get a toned body with stiff muscles and low fat.

  1. Cardio For Weight Loss and health

The next step includes the Cardio for reaping all the benefits. Cardio is a vital part to add in exercises habits of women as it delivers oxygen to your muscles, get rid of fat and help to provide a slim, sexy toned look.

Now the most important thing here is that whatever form of Cardio (running, jumping, cycling, swimming and so on) start at a slower level and then slowly increase your speed. Also, keep in mind that you have to an interval scheme for your cardio which is challenging and at the same time is possible to do.


Thus, if you want to get a perfectly toned body then follow up this free fitness plans for women and get the body you always wanted, yes but don’t forget to pay keen attention to your diet as it is a crucial element to prop up your fitness objectives.


By Caitlyn

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