Family Dentistry

Much like every other part of the body, oral health is vital. By having good oral hygiene, you will reduce the chances of infections and diseases. Asides from these, it enables you to have a great smile and it boosts your self-confidence. Good oral hygiene is equally crucial to the health of your household.

To this end, having your own family dentist is a wise decision. You may think that a pediatric dentist might be more appropriate for your kids, but family dentists can do the same job. They can take care of everyone’s oral health regardless and it is more cost-effective for you.

What is Family Dentistry?

This is a kind of dental practice that involves a dentist treating every kind of patient, whatever age they may be. This therefore means that the doctor can treat whole families which consists of adults as well as kids. They generally have more experience treating children than general dentists.

The treatments offered in this kind of practice can range from dental checkups to examinations, cleaning, scaling, filling, orthodontics, and many others. Family dentists help maintain and improve the health of your family at every stage of your life. You can learn more on this here.



Having a dedicated family dental health care practitioner helps to simplify things for you and your household and make life a lot simpler for you. You just have to schedule one appointment and everyone goes to the same clinic together rather than go in different directions at different times. With this, you can plan your time properly and it will not affect other important activities like your job.

Preventive Care

Having your own family dentist provides you with preventive care. The doctor will know and understand all family members including their oral history and can take preemptive measures to tackle any potential issues. If anyone has an allergy, sensitivities, or past diseases and surgeries, the doctor will easily know how to handle each case and provide the appropriate treatment when possible.

They will give special attention to your kids and teach them ways on how to care for their dentition. With access to quick and regular dental checkups in addition to cleaning, your whole household can avoid oral health issues that can unfold in the long run.

When children see that everyone else is getting treated, they are able to overcome their anxiety and they will be more comfortable doing so too. This also helps to create a lasting impression on them.

Emergency Care

Sometimes, someone from the family may need urgent dental attention and having a dentist available is comforting and reassuring. Kids are especially prone to this. While playing, they may get a knocked-out tooth, a chipped one, or any other kind of emergency. Rather than frantically searching for an oral health practitioner when there is an emergency, you can easily put a call through and book an appointment immediately with your family dentist.

It Eliminates Anxiety

There is what is called dental anxiety or phobia. This is when a person is afraid of dental treatment and try to delay or avoid it. It is quite a serious issue that can affect both adults and kids. Kids may be more prone to this. If it is an issue for anyone in your household, having dental checkups together can help to overcome it. You can learn about dental anxiety and ways of coping with it here

Personal Relationship and Trust

With family dentistry, you forge a relationship with the dentist that is open and based on trust, reliability as well as respectful communication. What this does is to help you feel comfortable that you are in good hands each time you have a dental appointment.

Also, communication is easy and you can be honest and open enough about your fears and concerns and the doctor, in turn, respects your confidentially. With the right information, they will be able to accurately diagnose and provide you with the right treatment.


Family dentistry helps to provide personalized care for your whole family that you will likely not get from a general dental clinic. It also offers you convenience, comfort, and proactive treatment. Besides these, you will get consistent updates and education that will benefit your oral health leaving you and your household healthy, satisfied and happy.

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