How To Stop Snoring

If you’re sleeping next to someone who snores, that can turn into a major problem for your relationship. In fact, there have been a few cases of divorce, specifically because of snoring. Whenever you start noticing that your partner or a family member starts doing it, then you need to look for ways to stop it.  

It’s a completely natural process, and everyone does it sometimes, but it can turn into a nuisance if it becomes too loud. The main reason it happens is that air can’t get through easily through your mouth or nose when you sleep. Click here to read more. 

This makes the vocal cords vibrate, and that creates the sound that no one can stand. It’s usually people who have a bit more tissue in this region that experience the problem, and sometimes, the tongue can be a cause too. If you’re the one who does it, then it could be destroying your sleep quality.  

Sleep deprivation is at the core of many health problems, and you might feel irritable and tired during the day. There are a few causes to this problem, as well as a few solutions.  

What are the causes? 

There are many reasons why someone could snore, and as soon as you realize the one that causes your problem, you can fix it and make yourself and your partner happier. The number one reason is aging. When we get older, especially around middle age, the muscles around the throat start becoming a bit narrow.  

Plus, they decrease in size, and the tone disappears. There’s no cure for old age, but you can try introducing a few new lifestyle changes. Some throat exercises won’t hurt at all, or you can start sleeping in a different position.  

Regular singing is one of the best things you can do, and spending a few minutes in the shower performing won’t hurt anyone. It will only add a positive vibe to your day. The second reason is being out of shape or overweight. Follow this link for more info  

This is mainly because fat can pile up in the neck and put pressure on the muscles. In turn, this closes the opening, and air can’t pass through. Losing a few pounds might be the only thing that could be the cure. You can try doing some more cardio or turn a walk with your dog into a jog.  

This will burn off the excess calories, and you will live a longer and healthier life. Additionally, medications, smoking, and alcohol can have a negative effect on your throat. The top two medications that cause snoring are Valium and Ativan because they relax the muscles.  

Removing them out of your diet might help in your battle against snoring. Try to make it a challenge, and your partner can be the one who will hold you accountable. If you start exercising more and exclude smoking and alcohol from your diet for 30 days, you will definitely see an improvement.  

If nothing changes, then you can just go back. Finally, you could try changing your sleeping position. When you’re lying flat on your back, this relaxes the airways and the muscles in your neck. You might try turning to the side for a few nights and see what happens.  

If you’re a chronic mouth breather and you want to stop snoring, you might also want to put some tape on your mouth to force your body to intake air nasally. If your sinuses are clogged, or you have a runny nose, then you can rinse the airway with some saline. There are also strips or decongestants that will make it easier to breathe and fall asleep. Some people have issues with allergies, but you can use medication for that. 

Throat exercises 

Curling your tongue and exercising your throat will strengthen the muscles in the area. The first thing you can do is repeat all of the vowels in the English language for a few minutes per day. You can also open your mouth and move the jaw to the right and left, and hold each position for 30 to 60 seconds.  

Puffing your mouth is also helpful, and you can also move to slide your tongue in the meantime. Spending a few minutes every day will turn into a noticeable change in a few weeks.  

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