Breast Implants

Breasts are an essential part of a woman’s feminine identity. For most women, improving their breasts appearance can boost their self-esteem, enhance their confidence levels and even positively affect their sexual satisfaction.

Breast implant surgery – why? 

Since 1997, there has been a 293% increase in cosmetic surgeries, and breast augmentation surgery is the most commonly performed one. The reasons why women decide to undergo breast implant surgery are multiple. Most of them are unhappy with their current size and find that their breasts are small compared to their body shape. Some seek to correct a naturally occurring asymmetry where one of their breast is a different size or shape than the other. Some want to get their pre-pregnancy and pre-breastfeeding breasts back. The common denominator is that they all want to feel better in their skin. And this is important whether clothes are on or off. 

It’s not just a size

Regardless of the reason, women undergoing breast augmentation often find that it is not only their physical appearance that changes. It is much more, it is their confidence and self-esteem. Most of the women undergoing breast implant surgery report an improved self-image and enhanced overall confidence. 

Your breasts are part of your femininity. A procedure like breast augmentation can really enhance your sense of femininity and attractiveness. Studies show that the motivation of more than 70% of women who decide to undergo cosmetic procedures is the desire to feel happier and more confident. And they also show that these outcomes result in improved psychosocial well-being and quality of life. 

Results from breast augmentation span way beyond just a bra size. They often encourage women to make changes in other areas of their life, taking a bolder approach to their careers, social lives or even romantic relationships. 

Many women report that another happy “side effect” of breast implants is an improvement in their sex life. According to several studies, the majority of women are more satisfied with their sex life after the surgery than they were before. 

Women who have breast augmentation also tend to implement healthy lifestyle changes. Why is that? If you feel better about your body, you will be more inclined to taking care of yourself and your appearance afterwards. This often translates to adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating better, moving more often and cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes so you can feel as great on the inside as you look on the outside.

The science of self-esteem 

An increase in self-esteem following breast augmentation is now widely documented by several scientific studies. For example, research from the University of Florida analysed 84 women before and after getting breast implants. The answers to their questionnaires and their assessment showed a sharp rise in self-esteem after surgery. 80% of the women reported feeling more confident and attractive after breast augmentation. 

Another study from the University of Oslo compared women who underwent breast augmentation with breast implants with women who had augmentation mastopexy (a less-invasive, non-surgical alternative to implants). Interestingly, the breast implants group was significantly more satisfied with the results and scored higher on all the quality of life indicators, including self-esteem and body image. 

Experts agree that a desire for a boost of self-esteem should not be the primary reason to seek out breast surgery. Still, it’s a beautiful bonus!

A new body for warriors

Another, unfortunately quite common, procedure involving breast implants is breast reconstruction for women who had to have their breasts (or part of them) removed due to cancer. These surgeries can be done at the same time as the cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction) or at a later time (delayed reconstruction).  

Choosing whether or not to have breast reconstruction is a very personal decision. Some women feel the reconstruction is necessary to restore their confidence; others prefer to wear an external breast form (prosthesis). Some women choose not to have reconstruction and not wear a prosthesis. There is no right or wrong choice, and you must decide what’s best for you (and take your time to do so). 

The good news is that, also in the case of breast implants for breast reconstruction, your self-esteem will benefit. Studies show that women undergoing breast reconstruction have generally higher self-esteem than those who do not. A diagnosis of breast cancer is already a huge psychological hurdle to go through. Once you’ve won your battle, you can regain your well-deserved confidence thanks to breast implants.

Find the right doctor 

In a women’s journey towards improved self-esteem, a very important factor is whom she has by her side. Finding the right doctor is crucial. Like every surgery, also breast enlargement surgery comes with certain risks that should not be disregarded. Putting yourself in the hands of a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure is undoubtedly the first step to decrease the possibility of complications or unsatisfactory results. You must go into the procedure with realistic expectations and the right amount of self-awareness for your decision. Breast augmentation surgery comes with pros and cons and implications for the future, and your surgeon will help you understand every aspect of it.

To make sure you are making the right decision for yourself, you should find a plastic surgeon who listens – really listens – to your needs and answer all your questions beforehand. Someone who is not only an expert but who also makes you feel totally comfortable. A great doctor will be able to take into consideration the psychological aspect of your surgery, which, we’ve seen, it’s as important as the medical one. 


To sum up, having the breasts of your dreams and feeling good in your skin can be very empowering. Breast implants can definitely improve your self-esteem by making you feel more confident and satisfied with your body. This outcome on body image is not only self-reported by women who underwent surgery but also widely backed up by scientific studies that measured satisfaction and quality of life post-surgery. 

By Caitlyn

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