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Have you heard of Brotzu Lotion(trinov) for hair loss that possesses eloquent properties to nourish your hair? Your hair is the most essential part of your body as it provides the much needed beauty and grace. In order to look attractive, you must take care of your daily hair requirements. Keeping your hair healthy and nourished is extremely important. For this purpose, there are several natural oils and herbs available. But, no natural entity boasts the potential to eliminate hair loss completely.

When talking about hair loss, the name of Brotzu Lotion creeps in. Being the most known product for treating such ailments, the lotion is one of its kinds. It provides accurate treatment for hair loss as long as it is used.

Here’s a detailed review about Brotzu Lotion to help you sort each and every doubt.

What Is Brotzu Lotion?

Brotzu Lotion, popularly known as Trinov, is a potent treatment for hair loss and alopecia. Launched by an Italian Brand Fidia Farmaceutici, the lotion has gained immense popularity recently. The product is a gem for all the people suffering from hair loss or alopecia. However, the lotion doesn’t possess the curative properties.

As long as you apply the lotion, it prevents further hair loss. But, if you’re looking out for a permanent solution to hair loss, then you need to think twice. Brotzu Lotion doesn’t have the properties to cure the hair loss that has already taken place.

Where Did The Product Come From?

Manufactured by a famous Italian pharmaceutical company named Fidia Farmaceutici, the lotion has been treating hair loss for quite a while. The product has the hair loss properties imparted by Dr. Giovanni Brotzu.

The product is regarded as a remarkable invention by Dr. Giovanni Brotzu. During his early 80s, Brotzu invented the product which is used by millions worldwide.

Consequences Of Applying Brotzu Lotion

Hair loss is a major problem and researchers are still looking out for a commendable remedy. However, Brotzu Lotion is one sorted choice for people suffering from hair loss. A study conducted on the people who use brotzu lotion has showed positive results.

The lotion treats mainly the Alopecia which belongs to Androgenic and Areata types. In the former, the potent lotion blocks the enzymes that cause hair loss. Whereas in the latter, it is known to stop the inflammatory process through its constituents.

Brotzu lotion treats hair loss in both men as well as women. The study has concluded that the lotion prevents hair loss in several ways

  • Repairs and regenerates the hair growth in the region of scalp with hair loss.
  • Acts as a strong nourishing agent for the hair follicles, making your hair salubrious.
  • Ceases the further hair loss that might occur in the future.

How Does Brotzu Lotion Work?

If the matter of the working of Brotzu lotion creeps in, we have a lot to discuss about. Major reason behind the product’s properties is its constituents. The three crucial components of Brotzu lotion are Dhomo-Gamma-Linoleic acid, S-equol, and Propionyl-l-carnitine.

Linoleic acid has the effective properties that account to be the precursor of prostaglandins. Mainly, the prostaglandin inhibits inflammation and promotes hair growth. The acid also ceases the activity of DHT that attacks on the hair follicles.

In order to promote active hair growth, one needs to stop the activity of dihydrotestosterone. Brotzu lotion works by inhibiting the activity of DHT and further promoting hair growth effectively.

Advantages Of Brotzu Lotion

Brotzu lotion is one sorted remedy for hair loss. It acts by preventing the attacks on hair follicles and nourishing the hair properly. Here are some reasons why you should switch to Brotzu Lotion today.

  • Doesn’t require a proper handwritten prescription by physician.
  • One of the rare remedies that prevent the activity of DHT and hence, treat hair loss.
  • You can fetch the lotion at any pharmacy or medical store.
  • Easy application and facile management of the lotion make it a good choice for alopecia patients.

Side Effects of Brotzu Lotion

Everything that has the potential to treat ailments comes with a few drawbacks and so does the brotzu lotion. However, the side effects don’t match with the benefits it has on your hair growth. Some of the side effects of Brotzu lotion are mentioned below.

  • Decrease in the sexual desire or libido as it interferes with the activity of dihydrotestosterone.
  • Weakness and lethargy that might continue for long.
  • Reduced ejaculatory volume.
  • Headache, Vertigo and Delirium.
  • Difficulty in maintaining the erectile properties in males.

Who Can Use Brotzu Lotion?

As soon as people here the effect of the product on testosterone, they presume that it works only for males. But, the truth is, both male and female can utilize Brotzu Lotion. Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both the genders. However, the quantity in males is significantly more than that in females.

You must be wondering how it blocks hair loss in women? Ovaries in women are the pioneer producers of testosterone. By preventing the action of dihydrotestosterone on hair follicles, it stops the hair loss process. But, in females, the enzyme 5 alpha reductase comes into play.

Overall, both women as well as men can make the most of Brotzu Lotion for eloquent hair production.

Brotzu Lotion Price & Availability

If you want to get your hands on the lotion, just approach any local store offline or offline. The following pharmaceutical websites online are known to deliver the brotzu lotion.

  1. Efarma
  2. Tuttofarma
  3. La Scienza della Salute
  4. Farma Live
  5. Bravi Farmacie

As far as the price of Brotzu Lotion is concerned, the product comes in reasonable prices. You can buy the lotion for anywhere between $75 to $80.

Final Verdict

Overall, brotzu lotion for hair loss is totally reliable for preventing alopecia. It doesn’t promise to cure the hair loss. But, it can definitely prevent the hair follicles from getting damaged. That way, the product cures hair loss that is likely to happen in future.

We recommend using the product only if you wish to prevent the alopecia in the coming days. Consult your doctor and fetch the proper guidelines before applying it for better results.

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