Massages are of different types and each has its own share of benefits. This article discusses the difference between a chair massage and table massage.

For centuries, massage therapists have always relied on a firm bed or table to perform their therapy on patients, but there is an alternative to table massages that will replace the table with a specialty chair. In a chair massage, rather than laying out on a table, the patient sits and leans forward in this chair.

Table Massage vs Chair Massage!

In this article, we will show you the differences between table and seated massages, for those who are getting massages for the first time or would like to know more about getting a massage in a chair.

Massage Area

Almost all of the best massage places offer table massages simply because therapists are able to massage anywhere on the body. With their patient lying on a table, the therapist can massage their back, legs, shoulders, and more, albeit the patient would have to turn over in order to massage both the front and back.

With a chair massage, it is easier for the therapist to massage some areas of the body, whereas it is more challenging massaging others. A massage chair aids in massaging a patient’s upper body, namely the head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, and hips. The chest, legs, and feet are often parts of the body that therapists do not bother to massage during a chair massage.


Table massages are known for involving patients to remove all of their clothes except for their underwear so that the therapist can effectively massage the skin and muscles of their chests, shoulders, hips, and more.

For a chair massage, it is okay to keep your clothes on, albeit sweaters, jackets, and gloves need to be removed in order for the massage to be effective. Chair massages are ideal for patients who are uncomfortable with taking their clothes off.


Table massages typically last between 45 and 60 minutes for a full-body massage. These messages are typically done at times in which the patient has plenty of time to his or herself and doesn’t need to return to work imminently.

Chair massages, on the other hand, last anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes, which is much less time-consuming and can actually be done during a break from work. Chair massages can allow you to become energized and stress-free when you still have hours of work left in your day.

Use of Oil

With table massages, patients are often lubricated with oil all over their body so that the skin feels soothing and smooth when the therapist rubs it. This oil is sticky and not very absorbent, so the patient will feel greasy until they shower. This oil also is not recommended for patients with skin allergies.

Chair massages do not involve oil whatsoever, so you won’t have to worry about your skin feeling greasy or getting irritated afterwards. To know more about different skin treatments visit:

Space and Privacy

A table massage is meant to always be performed in a specialty massage room. This room requires plenty of space for the patient to be comfortable, room for the therapist and his or her equipment, and a room without windows or windows that can be shut or blinded. These rooms typically require privacy for the therapist to work and for the patient to relax.

With a chair massage, the chair itself requires far less space, and oftentimes, the chair can be moved to another area such as a corner. Considering that chair massage patients can still keep their clothes on, privacy will not be much of a concern.


A full body massage done on a table for an hour can cost around 90 to 100 dollars. In comparison, a chair massage can cost only 20 to 30 dollars. Of course, this reduction in cost is due to the shorter therapy time as well as a limit to how much of the body is massaged, so a chair massage might not give you as many benefits and satisfaction compared to a table massage.

Which Is Better? Table Massage or Chair Massage!

While a chair massage can be great if you are aiming to receive short-term benefits, table massages simply do more to help you relieve stress effectively from all areas of your body. Considering that there are more massages that can accommodate patients on tables opposed to chairs, patients will end up feeling more relieved of pain and stress for longer thanks to massages that are proven to be helpful, like Swedish and Thai massages. As mentioned before, chair massages can only allow a select number of areas to be massaged, so a special massage done in said chair is not possible at this time.

Table massages are well worth the money and you can feel it’s refreshing effects for a number of months before you would like to have another. Consider a relaxing Swedish, Thai, or sports massage in Denver at your earliest convenience. If you need massage on regular basics and you have no time to go anywhere then you can try percussion massage at home. It helps you to calm your body and give relief

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