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So, want to try out an eye wash for your allergies? But, let me guess you have no idea about it? Fret not, because we have all the necessary information you need. In this article, we will discuss all about an “eye wash”. So stay put and keep reading!

I’m quite sure that after going thoroughly through this article you’ll know all about the pros and cons of eye wash, how to use it, the myths about it, and whatnot.

Not just eye wash, we are going to learn a lot about how to clean eyes, removing dust from eyes, eye wash stations, eye wash cups and a lot more. So, let’s just get going.

What is an eye wash?

What is an eye wash

Just as the name suggests, it’s a fluid, generally, saline in nature, to physically wash out eyes of any irritant or foreign substance. It’s beneficial for people who have high eye sensitivity and so-called eye allergies. 

They’re generally very safe products with minimal side effects, made with extreme care and stringent quality control methods as it’s exposed to one of the most sensitive organs of our body. However, nothing is good when used beyond its expected limitations.There are many unwanted effects that do arise from its unreasonable use and so we have to be very very careful.     

Why do we use eye washes?


Eye washes are a quick solution to eye irritant and any non-threatening eye emergency. They are used because:-

  • They can clean eyes
  • Remove any foreign irritant substances like pollen, dust etc
  • It has a refreshing effect on eyes
  • Soothe eyes and reduces eye irritant symptoms like reddening and itching
  • They are handy and can be used on the move

So, just see for yourself the advantages, and judge if you need them or not. If it just helps you decide, I always keep one in my bag. Wink wink !!

When do we use an eye wash

eye wash

Study shows that 7 in 10 people around the world has some type of eye sensitivity and are subjected to eye allergies very often. Most probably you’re just one of them, but you just don’t pay enough attention to your eyes. So take no eye risks, just be safe than sorry. 

Now, eye washes are a quick and handy remedy to any of these problems:-

Components of an eye wash

Components of an eye wash

Any type of eye wash generally consists mainly of purified saline water(99.05%). It is the active component that’s present on the fluid.

The other components which are present on trace amounts are boric acid, boric carbonate and sodium carbonate. Other additives and preservatives are added to increase the shelf-life of the solution.

Numerous commercial companies market this eye washes, and they add some trademark components of their own. Most of them add some plant extracts like leaf juice, fruit extracts or natural oils to add to their market value and shelf attractiveness.

Types of eye washes

types of eye wash

If you go to any of the Walmart outlets near your home, you are likely to find a thousand types of these eye washes in varieties of types, sizes and brands. 

Mostly there are two types of them, the large stations which are meant for big corporate offices, scientific research labs, mass manufacturing factories dealing with hazardous substances etc. And then there are the portable ones, the small stations that are handy, and the eye wash cups and the eye wash bottle.

If we tabulate, they can be :-

  • Eye wash cups
  • Eye wash stations
  • Eye wash bottles
  • Eye wash shower

And so on, so forth.

But portable eye wash stations and eye wash cups are the most popular and widely used because of their handy nature and portable sizes.

Constituents of any commercial eye wash solution

There are so many different models of an eye wash, that are available in the market. They’re just as varied as the companies that are producing them commercially. But, here we would just discuss the basic constituents that are bound to be present in these products.

The eye wash cups that are available in the market generally consists of two sterile cups made of polyvinyl chloride or high-quality plastic. They have a rim that’s approximately the size of the outer rim of an average eye so that it fits an eye perfectly

Eye wash bottles that are available on the market are even more simple to use than these it contains just a bottle full of the saline fluid, a snout and a nozzle to be connected. This nozzle will direct the fluid into the eyes and the flow rate will be proportional to the pressure applied to the bottle.

How to clean eyes with an eye wash

How to clean eyes with an eye wash

When you feel a slight itch in your eyes, or the eyes turn red all of sudden, or they just start to burn and start watering, then it may be an indication for the introduction of foreign substances or irritants in the eye. It may also be an eye allergy, but whatever it is, if you want a quick remedy, just opt for an eye wash. It is quick, it is handy and the effects are immediate.

Now, most people carry an eye wash cup or a portable eye wash station with them, while the big installed eye wash stations are generally subjected to big offices, research labs etc.

So let’s learn how to use these types of eye washes in an eye emergency:-

 With an eye wash cup:-

  • Wash the cup with fresh and generous amounts of eye wash solution
  • Any contamination to the rim and inner surfaces must be avoided
  • Fill half the cup with the eye wash solution
  • Place the cup on the affected eye with uniform and steady pressure to avoid spillage
  • After a few minutes, remove and throw away the used solution
  • Gently sponge the eyes dry with a soft fabric

With an eye wash station:-

  • Keep flushing the eye with the fluid
  • The pressure applied to the bottle will regulate the flow rate, so keep it under control
  • Tip of the nozzle must not be contaminated
  • The nozzle of the bottle must not touch the eye surface
  • Sponge dry the eyes after a few minutes with a soft fabric or tissue

So, that’s how you use the eye wash and tackle the problem.

Take away notes

Thus, as you came to know about both the pros and cons of using an eye wash, you must have understood that they’re mostly no side effects or bad sides to its use. It’s quite inexpensive and has high safety margins, you just need to find that product among thousands of others that suit your eyes perfectly. The importance of eyes are only valued by those who have lost them some way or the other, so just don’t take any risks. 

Thus, it’s highly recommended that if you have a sensitive eye and face frequent eye problems, keep a portable eye wash station with you, would save you a lot of trouble.

No more from our side today, see you next time. Bye-bye!

By Caitlyn

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