Can Black People Get Lice in Their Hair

There are so many creatures found on this earth created by nature itself. Some are beautiful and important, some are different but almost everything has its importance on this earth.

Some of them depend on greeneries and some of them depend on other beings. Some are parasites and some do hardship in finding their food.

I know you are thinking now about what I am going to write in this article and what this article is about. 

Have you ever had lice in your hair, especially when you are a kid?

Ok, if you don’t have. But you have definitely heard that black people can’t get lice. They are always free from this problem.

Do you also believe in this?

This article is about a parasite called lice which is found in hair and feeds the blood from that particular living being from the scalp. 

Almost everyone, especially when you have long hair, feels this experience once in his life. Many people believe that black people can not get lice in their hair because of some definite reason.

Let’s find out.

In this article we will reveal the reality of this fact that black people can get lice or not and eventually know some home remedies for getting rid of lice.

It’s going to be really amazing.

I am not going to reveal everything in this section, just have patience and keep reading till the end. You will know everything.


The topics which are going to be covered today through this article are listed below. Kindly go through them. 

  • A myth
  • Any facts behind it?
  • Reasons behind getting lice
  • What can be done?
  • Conclusion 

Can Black People Get Lice in Their Hair? A myth:

What do you think about this rumor?

Do you think it is true?

If someone says that black people can’t get lice in their hair even in their entire life then it’s a myth because they can have.

But yes , it is still a bit uncommon for black people to get lice in their hair. Do you want to know the reason for this uncommon behavior among these people when it comes to having lice?

We will discuss it in our next section.

As we told you lice is a parasite which depends on other things for their survival. It is not like they are here among us now, they are with us from ages. They evaluate us if we talk about durability.

They don’t care if you are black or white , what shampoo you use, what hair oil you use, they like your scalp anyhow. So it’s clear now if you think black people can’t get lice then you are totally wrong.

Any facts behind it?

What do you think, why people have started saying this thing that black people can’t get lice in their hair. 

Actually the biological formation of their scalp, especially of their hair, is slightly different from non black people.

African people have dense and dry hair because of the surrounding environment. You have definitely seen those people with different hair textures. 

This can be a reason for the argument in favor of the fact that black people can’t get lice in their hair.

But there are no other reasons that justify this fact. So guys overall it’s a myth that black people can’t get lice in their hair. 

These tiny creatures like blood from the scalp, no matter if you are white your black, human or animal, they find a way to enter your scalp. 

The most prone generation of this tiny creature is kids. Kids are more engaged with themselves physically because they don’t know what is descrimination. I know it’s a little sarcastic but true. 

If your child comes home from the school and tells you that he or she has the issue of itching in their hair, what do you do?

A big issue appears here is what should be done to get rid of these little creatures.

Don’t worry, as it’s our culture to provide solutions to all your problems, especially related to health, we have this one also. 

Keep reading the article to find out those amazing solutions.

Reasons behind getting lice:

What do you think about the reasons why lice are attracted to your scalp or your kid’s scalp?

There are some main reasons for getting lice in the hair.

  • If your hair and scalp are always dirty and you don’t take care of your hair like properly and timely washing of your or your kid’s hair, there are high chances that the lice will find their way into your hair. 
  • They can transfer from one scalp to another by physical connection. This happens especially with children.
  • They can travel through comb and any other apparatus related to your hair.
  • If you live in a polluted place,you can get lice in your hair.

What can be done?

Getting rid of these lice is a very difficult task because they don’t want to go at any cost. So what can be done?

You can use any anti lice shampoo available in the market but after reading the ingredients and everything about that product. Some products are not for kids. So be aware while purchasing them.

You can use anti lice hair oils from the market and here also follow the same thing. Read all the instructions carefully before applying it. 

You can try some home remedies to get rid of lice from your hair. Like using neem for your hair. You can use a comb which is used to remove lice from your hair. 


I hope you have definitely enjoyed the article and it would be proven as an informative article for you as the topic of this article is one of the most common problems among people. I hope we have cleared all your doubts. 

If you still have any doubt related to this article or any other , you can comment below. Stay healthy and of-course stay tuned with us.

By Caitlyn

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