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Many people have different issues with their hair as a result of excessive care or sheer carelessness. No matter the reason for the issue you’re having with your hair, it’s all can be resolved with proper care. In this article, you’ll find the seven most common hair problems, their causes and effective hair care tips on how to fix them. Just take your time to read through.

1. Hair Loss Problem

Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss, also known as hair thinning, is a common problem among men and women. 

The reasons for hair thinning can vary from changing hormones, stress, medication, and even menopause. However, regular use of chemical-based products and excessive use of heat hair styling tools can damage your hair and scalp, kill your hair follicles and ultimately cause hair loss.  and as a result, promote hair loss.

How to Fix Hair Loss?

First of all, keep a well-balanced diet, as it will keep both your hair and body nourished and healthy. Second, get a good hair loss shampoo to add nutrition to your hair, and to get rid of oil, dirt and the build-up of hair styling products, that can contribute to hair loss. You can also use a deep conditioner with keratin or coconut oil, to soften your hair and retain its moisture. In addition, try to lay off the hot irons as much as you can, and get your ends trimmed every 3 weeks. 

2. Dry Hair Problem

Dry Hair Problem

Are you aware of the fact that excessive shampooing causes dry hair? Sparkling clean hair might sound like a great idea. However, many ladies tend to go to the extreme by washing it once, or even twice, per day. This excessive washing will definitely strip away all of the hair’s natural oils, which results in dry and brittle hair. Moreover, excessive hair brushing, as well as excessive perming, intense heat and sun exposure, lack of a good conditioner and bad diet can also lead to split ends and dry hair. 

How to Fix Dry Hair?

Just treat your hair with maximum care. Wash your hair 2-4 times a week and avoid chemical-based hair products and heat styling tools, as they may dehydrate your hair, thus, leaving your scalp parched and dry. Instead, use natural-based moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will stimulate the oil glands in your scalp. When you expose your hair to chlorine or salty water, protect your hair with the right products. Lastly, incorporate in your hair care routine an overnight moisturizing conditioner or hot oil treatment for dry brittle hair.

3. Frizzy Hair Problem

Frizzy Hair Problem

Frizzy hair happens when the hair’s moisture level falls below the typical levels. This usually happens in humid weather, and it’s a common problem for those with curly, wavy, as it’s naturally drier. Dry hair that has more rough cuticles, allows it to absorb moisture from the air, swell the strands and make the hair look frizzy instead of smooth.

How to Fix Frizzy Hair?

Make sure you consume enough water and keep your hair properly dehydrate by using shampoo and conditioner, that are specifically designed for frizzy hair. Use anti frizz hair oil for the better results, You can also meet with a professional hairstylist for frizz product suggestions.

4. Oily Hair  Problem

Oily Hair  Problem

There are two main reasons for oily and greasy hair. The first reason is poor hair care habits, like not washing your hair often enough. The second reason is excessive oil production by the scalp. Like our skin, our scalp produces natural oil called sebum. This oil nourishes the hair and keeps it smooth, shiny and healthy, however, if your scalp produces too much sebum your skin and hair will become greasy. 

How to Fix Oily Hair?

Maintain a healthy diet and make sure you use the right hair product correctly. Try to wash your hair more often with clarifying shampoo. Make sure you gently work the shampoo onto your roots and scalp in order to remove oil, dirt and product build-up from your scalp. Conditioner should be applied only on the ends of your hair , avoid applying it to your hair roots and scalp as it will make your hair look more greasy. Use natural hair masks for oily hair that can help balance the pH levels of your scalp and sebum production. Lastly, make sure to clean your hair brush and other hair styling tools on a regular base. Using a filthy hair brush or flat iron, that is full of oils and hair products can make your hair look greasy, even immediately after washing.

5. Dull Hair Problem

Dull Hair Problem

Dull hair is when your hair turns unhealthy and dehydrated. This happens when your hair doesn’t have or retain enough moisture, as a result of this, its sheen is reduced, making it look lifeless and dull. The causes of dull-looking hair, include chemical or heat-styling damage and environmental soils.

How to Fix Dull Hair?

Use a moisturizing shampoo, and try a cool rinse. Cold water causes the hair shaft to contract, which leaves hair looking smoother and shinier. While hot water dehydrates your scalp and removes its natural oils that keep your hair glossy and healthy. 

6. Color Damaged Hair Problem

Color Damaged Hair Problem

The chemicals that are used to open your hair shaft while coloring makes your hair extremely porous and prone to brittleness and breakage. But, if you really want to dye your hair, there are methods you can follow to avoid color damage.

How to Fix Color Damage Hair?

First of all, always dye your hair at a professional hair salon, to prevent color damage. If the hair is already damaged, give it some time and start taking care by strengthening it with hair masks and conditioners. Also try to avoid using heat styling tools and products that contain harsh chemicals, as they can pose a very serious threat to your damaged hair.

7. Gray Hair Problem

 Gray Hair Problem

A lot of people see gray hair as a symbol of oldness or a badge of honor, In fact, everyone will have gray hair at some point in their life, however, some will experience it sooner than others. 

How to fix Gray Hair?

To prevent gray hair from the first place, avoid smoking and make sure you get enough vitamins, especially vitamin D and B12. Studies showed that smoking, as well as lack of those vitamins, are associated with graying hair. In the bid to cover your gray hair, you can try natural herbal hair rinse or go to a professional hairdresser for semi- or demi-permanent dye.


Although these hair problems may prove stubborn, they are not irreparable. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps we have listed out. We can assure you that by acting on these tips, your hair problems will be a thing of the past and put you on your way to having beautiful healthy hair. 
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