Maple Syrup

For years maple syrup has been used for dressing up pancakes and waffles. This natural sweetener isn’t just limited to these two; this syrup can also be used for upgrading the taste of many different kinds of snacks and candies such as popcorn, cocktails and more. 

Sugar and carbs are our body’s enemies when consumed in high quantities. With people choosing to eat healthy and nutritious, replacing sugar with natural sweetening agents such as maple syrup is an innovative and healthy choice. 

Maple syrup is gaining popularity because of its ability to enhance the taste. Here we have listed different snacks where drizzling maple syrup can make its flavor even more amazing!

Shower some on your bacon

Bacon, along with waffles, makes a delicious breakfast treat. Showering maple syrup on a bacon strip for your next brunch meetup can be a great idea. Here is the exciting recipe; lay down bacon strips in a wire rack over a sheet pan. Shower some maple syrup, brown sugar and rice vinegar, and it’s ready to be served. 

Please keep it in stock because everyone will want this yummy candied bacon some more. 

Drizzle it over popcorn

For your next movie night with friends or just looking forward to binge watch Netflix, make yourself a bucket of syrup-laced popcorn. Mix butter, maple syrup, vanilla and a batch of popcorn, make it in a pan. Eat these sweet popcorns with a bowl of vanilla ice cream for your perfect binge time.

Perfect for sore throat

Maple syrup is full of antioxidants, making them not just a sweet yummy treat but full of nutrition as well. They work as a raw throat lozenge, especially if you are experiencing mild symptoms, consuming a spoon of maple syrup and medicines can help you get relief from sore throat.

Shake it with your cocktails and mocktails

Instead of adding sugar, add a splash of maple syrup to make an exciting cocktail for yourself. Add cinnamon-flavored in hot apple cider along with maple syrup for cranking up autumn vibes. 

Make it part of your dressings and salads.

Maple syrup can help add savory flavor to every ingredient it is added in. When mixed with salads, it gives a touch of sweetness. Add some roasted chicken, maple syrup, garlic, ginger and seasoning to make your salad even more delicious. 

You can even combine it with mustard and vinegar to add a sweet, salty and tangy taste to every bite.

Make yourself some taffy or ice pop.

Next time when heat waves hit, make yourself a sweet batch of taffy or ice pop. Pour some maple syrup into strips and allow it to solidify in the freezer. Eat it like an ice pop or lollipop stick and make your sunny hot day more relaxing and sweet.

Use it as a glaze

The glaze is usually made by mixing milk with sugar. But why use sugar when maple syrup is another option to go for it? This combination works well with fall-flavored treats such as pumpkin, apples, pecan, etc. 

Get creative with Canadian Maple syrup, add it to your doughnuts or find a way to get creative with the use of glaze. 

Add it to your coffee mug.

Recreate some quality coffee with maple syrup. Brew your coffee with a splash of maple syrup and make it creamy with rich coconut milk.

Makes your chicken even more delicious.

Adding maple syrup to your chicken is an ultimate joy. Grilling your chicken with syrup can make it moist, juicy and turn its color extraordinary. 


There are so many unique ways of using maple syrup, and of them is adding it into your snacks to make it more delicious. So get creative and make the best of this delightful sweet treat. 

By Caitlyn

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