Penis Envy Mushroom


If you have heard about or used any of the Psychedelic Mushrooms or magic mushrooms, you probably would have heard about the penis envy mushroom strain. Human consciousness is one of the greatest mysteries of existence. 

Psychedelic allows the unconscious mind to be conscious. Important material that has been built up over the course of life but that has been pushed out of sight where you can not see it emerges, like- it is kind of crumpled clothes that you push to the back of your wardrobe, and it emerges it, it comes out you do not see it you embody it. 

Memories, love, pain, grief, whatever has been hidden emerges and demands you to feel it. Psychedelics have such an impact on your mind. In this article, you will walk through and know all about penis envy mushroom strain. Without any further ado, let’s take a gander.

What is Penis envy mushroom strain?

When you first hear the name penis envy mushroom strain, you will think it has something to do with male amplification. Many people believe that they help in male potency. However, the name is peculiar, but that does not mean that they are only for males. 

The name has been derived from its appearance; it resembles a penis and not nothing to do with men’s sanative. It is considered to be one of the strongest effective mushrooms than other cubensis mushrooms. 

Penis envy mushrooms have been studied extensively, and it has been found out that it has the highest amount of Psilocybin in it, making it unique from others with its varied effect. 

Points to know about penis envy mushroom strain

  • The name penis envy mushroom got its name from its appearance that resembles a reproductive organ penis. They are generally having a large and bold stem with a bulbous cap different from the whole stem. Now you know why it is called so. 
  • The origin of the penis envy mushroom is not yet verified, and there is much debate on this topic. Many botanists and Psychedelic experts say that it has come from the modification from the Amazonian cubensis. However, it is also not confirmed. 
  • Penis Envy Mushroom strain is a magic mushroom that means it has psychedelic content that gives the consumer a hallucinating effect. The psychoactive ingredient present in it makes it illegal to use in some countries as it makes people high and termed drugs. It can be eaten fresh, can be included in meals, but the most popular way to utilize it is in dried form, and dried mushroom is generally used for medicinal purposes.
  • Being a mutant mushroom makes it unique and high in potency and is considered one of the strongest existing shrooms. Its strength is not proven, but people have experienced its effect. Envy Mushroom grows slowly, which leads to a higher accumulation of Psilocybin, giving it higher hallucinating properties. This shroom contains more Psilocybin in one gram than all other existing mushrooms.
  • There is much confusion between differentiating penis envy and cubensis mushrooms because their spores are very alike. Even when studied under the microscope, they look the same in colour and size. The only way to differentiate is that the penis envy cap opens up in a little different way.
  • Though there are enormous benefits of magic mushrooms on your health, they can also turn from a boon to a curse quickly if you do not research before having one as they contain a slight amount of poison. If you take in some excessive quantity according to your health, it can become unbearable. Be it taken by anyone, healthy or unhealthy person to have some beside you to take everything in control if anything happens.

Ways to Consume your Penis Envy Mushroom

  • Munch and Consume: You can swallow them and chew, grind them until the juice comes out so that it gets mix into with your blood. It is considered one of the best methods to consume it and shows the effect very quickly. Within 45 minutes, it can show its impact, but it also depends upon individual stomach conditions. It is suggested to eat less before the intake of the shroom.
  • Include into meals: The taste of mushroom can be terrible sometimes, but it is not compulsory to only be swallowed and chewed. You can include them in your diets and meals that will automatically cut out the bitter taste of the shroom. 
  • Shroom tea: If you have ever had penis envy, you will know how bad it tastes. But shroom tea comes to the relief because it gets difficult to even chew and swallow the dried shroom for some people. Shroom tea is now becoming a popular way of consuming any sort of mushroom. The method of preparing shroom tea is really simple. First, chop the dried mushroom into small pieces and keep the water boiling in the kettle. As the water gets boiled, turn off the flame and dump the entire shroom piece into the boiling water and cover it with a lid for 10 to 15 minutes and stir occasionally and your shroom tea is all ready.
  • Lemon tek: Do you know that adding few ingredients to your shroom while consuming can make it a lot better. Lemon is one frequent ingredient used to intensify the taste. You will have to mix grounded penis envy Mushroom into lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes. Now add water to it, and you are good to go to drink it.


Psychedelics have improved the quality of life of many of us. It is indeed true that nature offers us a lot. We have to use everything wisely and make the best out of it. Mushrooms are the natural source to keep our immune and other body functionality in the appropriate order. If you are not sure which mushroom is adequate for your body, then do concern your dietitian once for expert advice.  

By Caitlyn

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