Does Dayquil Keep You Awake

Have you ever felt like sleeping after taking a DayQuil? Does DayQuil Keep You Awake?

Irrespective , have you ever felt like you can’t sleep after consuming a DayQuil?

If you have felt both the symptoms then dear the reason is not DayQuil because the composition of DayQuil doesn’t contain any sleeping compounds and same with the case of stimulants.

However NyQuil contains a compound which has the effect of drowsiness but on the other hand DayQuil is suggested to take it in the daytime because it doesn’t make you sleep.

If you are going to consume DayQuil before going to sleep, take it without thinking about anything because it is not going to affect your sleep.

In this article we will know what DayQuil is and when it is required. Along with this information we will also understand the connection between DayQuil and your sleep.

In the end of this article you will also have the information of some tips to get better sleep when you are dealing with cold and nose block.

Kindly continue with the article.

What is DayQuil?

DayQuil is a medicine which deals with cold, nose block and seasonal flu. DayQuil and Nyquil are almost the same type of medicine which deals with cold and seasonal flu.

DayQuil comes in the market in two forms. Either you can take in syrup form or in Liquicaps form. The main three compounds of DayQuil are such as acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and phenylephrine. 

DayQuil also relieves the symptoms of cold such as sore throat, blocked nose, headache because of seasonal flu and many more. DayQuil doesn’t have any stimulants in its formation. It means it doesn’t make you awake. 

When DayQuil is required

What makes you take a DayQuil ?

Want to know the answer?

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As we told you above what DayQuil is, now you have a little but clear idea about what can make you take DayQuil . 

There is a list of some issues. In these below mentioned situations, you can be advised by your doctor to take DayQuil . 

  • Seasonal flu
  • Cold
  • Sore throat
  • Headache because of cold
  • Blocked nose
  • Chest pain because of cold
  • Seasonal fever

Children who are below size year of age are not advised to take DayQuil . If it is necessary your doctor would prescribe but without prescription don’t take it to children. Always take care of that.

Does DayQuil Keep You Awake?

DayQuil neither make you awake nor make you sleepy. Any compounds which may have the drowsiness effects don’t included in the formation of DayQuil.

Just like that DayQuil doesn’t have those ingredients which keep you awake. All three main components of DayQuil don’t have these effects.

So if you have been thinking for years that DayQuil keeps you awake then you are wrong.

There can be some other reasons for not having sleep in the night except taking DayQuil. While having a cold, many issues emerge which disturb your sleep.

As an example, blocked nose and breathing issues. These two symptoms are enough to keep you awake the entire night. That’s why blaming DayQuil is not an option. 

It is a totally safe medicine if you are going to take it before sleep because it doesn’t affect your sleep. 

Tips to get better sleep while having cold

Now we have understood that DayQuil is not a reason for not being able to sleep. There are also other issues which are created because of the cold.

Now you are definitely thinking, what is the solution for our sleep?

If you are thinking the same, continue reading. 

  1. Use one more soft pillow:

This is a very effective way to sleep, especially when you have a blocked nose. Normally people use one pillow under their head to sleep and some people don’t even use any pillow.

If you don’t use a pillow and have a cold then try to use one. It helps you to breathe in a little better way because this position raises your head a little bit and naturally oxygen goes to your body. 

If you use one pillow to sleep, use one more to elevate your head a little bit. If you are not comfortable and have chances to get neck pain don’t use this extra pillow for the entire night.

Use it until you have a good sleep. 

  1. Lukewarm water gargling

If you have a sore throat, it gets difficult to sleep properly. It makes you uncomfortable. Now what can you do?

Try to gargle with lukewarm water before going to sleep. It helps to reduce the soreness of your throat and make you sleep faster.

  1. Use of nasal spray

This is another best tip to get sleep while having a cold. Blocked nose is the most common problem in the cold. You are not able to breathe properly.

There are many nasal sprays which are available in the market. You can use any good one. It helps to clear the breathing way of your nose and you can sleep properly.

  1. Use of vaporizer

Vaporizer also does the same work but it does this with your room environment. It makes the air around you more moisten so that you can breathe with less difficulty.

If you have a vaporizer in your room , you can sleep well even while having a cold.

  1. Steam inhaling

Steam inhaling is very effective when you have a blocked nose and sore throat. It works greatly to reduce the severity of the symptoms of cold. 

Steam inhaling before going to sleep can do magic. Try it if you have a cold and are unable to sleep.

  1. Sleeping Environment 

We often don’t think about the environment of our room and where we are going to sleep. If you like sleeping in the dark then make sure the lights are off.

You can try good and calm music to get better sleep. You can also use room fresheners to make the environment more beautiful. 


By today’s article it has been cleared that DayQuil doesn’t have any connection with your sleep. So if you have a cold and you want to consume DayQuil before going to sleep , take it without having a second thought.

Stay safe and healthy. Your comments and views will always be appreciated.

By Caitlyn

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