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Mind control techniques have been used by people all over the world since ancient times. It is something that has fascinated man at all times and at all places. Mind control techniques are used for different purposes ranging from self control to controlling someone else’s mind. However, controlling somebody else’s mind is controversial and its effectiveness is uncertain. But controlling one’s own mind is certainly possible if right technique is used at the right time.

Purposes of Mind Control

Here is a list of various purposes of mind control:

  1. Personality Development
  2. Better Decision Making
  3. Spiritual Enhancement
  4. Treatment of Personality Disorders
  5. Mass Mind Control (used by media houses, advertising companies and film industries)

To be able to control your own mind is one of the most desired quality. It holds great importance in spirituality. As it has been studied for so long and in different parts of the world, there are multiple ways of doing it:-

  • Meditation- Meditation is the first word that comes to mind when we speak of enhancing self control. It helps us to focus better and attain inner peace. The whole idea of guided sleep meditation is to negate the stress and let brain be in zero state of mind. It is helping people all over the world in fighting depression and various disorders which cannot be cured by medication. Among all the hustle and bustle around, people have adopted meditation as lifestyle and have prioritised it in their routine. It helps in developing positivity in the inner self, thus leading to better control over self.
  • Exercise- What better than exercise to begin your day? It may not necessarily be only gym but also long, brisk walks or simply yoga at home. A fit mind favours fit body. Sports persons or for that matter army personnel are well known for being more focussed and their leadership qualities. When you stay fit and disease free, brain works well. It’s now no wonder that physical training and education is a full fledged subject in school curriculum’s as it helps in keeping your grey cells ticking.
  • Breathing: Breathe acts like a remote control of the body. Whenever we are tense, first and foremost suggestion is “Calm Down and Take a Deep Breathe In”. This has become like a proverb all over the world. What more evidence is needed to prove the power of breathing for mind control. Controlled breathing helps to control both cognitive and in-cognitive aspects. This practice has been used effectively to control both mind and body since ancient times. A calming breathe cycle calms and controls the mind. Most simple way to do it is to close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out while feeling the inhale and exhale. You will feel your mind calming down with every breathe and your thoughts will start seeming like some physical objects which you can control.
  • Optimism: Optimism needs to be inculcated right when we are born. Optimism not only lies in thinking of victory but also lies in the fact that there is also life after defeat. Be positive with your approach and expect success in all spheres of life. If success doesn’t come your way, work again and work harder. Don’t let people control your mind by believing what they say. Positive minds always influence people around irrespective of your level of achievement.
  • Psychotherapy: When you feel that things are beyond your control or one gets emotionally disturbed to the level of depression, it is advised to take course of psychotherapy. An expert Psychotherapist, a professional or a relative or a close friend, can actually help you to get a hold of your mind. An external influence may sort you out of your “Tunnel vision” and can give you an altogether different approach to the problem. Such communication can relax you and will calm & control your mind.

Besides the above mentioned points, there are numerable other methods that serve the purpose of mind control. Some of these methods are music, behavioural change, detachment etc. In the modern world, we can fight stress only through a sound, positive mind which will work best under your own control. It is you only, who has to find an answer to your problem.

It is well established that our efficiency is substantially affected by our mental state. Positive thoughts and calm & controlled mind lead to higher efficiency. Mind control techniques, if used the right way, can give a better quality of life.

While signing off, when your mind and body are in sync, you will be surprised to know even how soothing to soul the chirping sound of a bird is.

By Caitlyn

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