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Major reason why people still refrain from getting dental implants is they are scared of the post procedure infections. But in some conditions, dental implants become necessary. If such a condition arises, there is no need to be afraid of the treatment as they are very effective and have a high rate of success in the country. As for the risk of infection after the treatment, they are easy to avoid. People with good oral health have very less chances of getting the post treatment infection. The risk is also reduced when the treatment is done at a good hospital.

How to Identify Dental Implants

Dental implants are not as vulnerable to dental decay as natural teeth, but they can have bacteria build- up on the base. Since the base in below the gum line, the bacteria starts irritating the gum tissue and causes inflammation. It is important that it is identified early, otherwise it can damage the tissue and the bone structure, making the condition of the tooth bad as it was before the implant. If you start noticing bleeding gums, receding gums or find that the gum is red and tender around the implant, then you must immediately visit the dentist.

How to Prevent Dental Implant Infections

Always get the implant from a trusted doctor. Most people suffer from dental implant infections due to the introduction of bacteria into the mouth during or immediately after the surgery. But if the implant is done by an experienced dentist, he would make sure that the surgery happens in a safe and hygienic manner. Before you get the implant, make sure that the implants that the dentist is going to use is safe and of the finest quality. This can save your mouth from getting in contact with the bacteria right after or even during the surgery.

Once the surgery is complete, follow the following instructions:

  • Start taking pre-emptive prescription of antibiotics some days before the surgery. this will decrease the risk of implant infection.
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash after the surgery. It would stop the bacteria to build up at the gum line.
  • you are advised to Clean the surface above & below the gum line.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water. Don’t start immediately after the surgery, wait for a day or do and then follow it during the recovery period.
  • Avoid smoking during the recovery period. Smoking induces lots of bacteria into the mouth and also jeopardize the body’s ability to heal.
  • Do not skip on your normal dental routine. Even after the surgery, you have to follow your oral hygiene routine to save them from bacteria attack. Keep brushing and flossing and do not think it is unsafe after the surgery.
  • Try avoiding hard food for a few days. Switch to a soft diet so that there is no pressure on the gum line or the teeth.

Implant Infection Treatments

Though there are very low chances that you will develop infection with dental implants, it is still better to be aware about them. Dental implant infections can be of two types, pre-implantitis and peri-implantitis mucositis. Pre-Implantitis is the condition when the infection affects the tissues of the bone and gums. Peri-Implantitis mucositis affects only the gum tissue. Both can be detected easily and must be consulted with the dentist as soon as the symptoms are visible. Since they both affect the gum tissue, they can be recognized by looking for the symptoms of gum infection only.

Dental implants in Houston, Tx are safe and affordable too. If you are considering a dental implant you must check the dentists here and get treated at the best hospital and be safe from any after surgery infection.

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