Micro MidfaceLift

When it comes to facial rejuvenation procedures, there are quite a few options to choose from. Unfortunately, many of those operations can be fairly invasive, and some patients aren’t ready to spend weeks in bed recovering from cosmetic surgery. If you are tired of dealing with age-related imperfections around the cheeks and jawline, then you might want to take a closer look at the midmicrofacelift. That minimally invasive procedure will address a variety of blemishes throughout the middle of the face, and it is going to leave you looking years younger. 

Why Not a Traditional Facelift?

Thousands of facelifts are carried out every year, and millions of patients have benefited from that popular procedure. While a facelift can be a good option in certain cases, patients should note that there are some clear drawbacks as well. During a facelift, large incisions must be made around the ears, and that can lead to permanent scarring. Quite a bit of soft tissue manipulation takes place during a facelift as well, and many patients are going to struggle with bruising and inflammation for weeks following that operation. Finally, a facelift can result in a drastically altered appearance, and that might be one issue that you would like to avoid. 

As you can see from the before and after midmicrofacelift photos, this procedure can produce incredible results. As an added bonus, it is much less invasive than a traditional facelift, and some patients can resume most normal activities within just a few days. If you are ready to rejuvenate your appearance but don’t want to spend weeks recovering, then you might be a perfect candidate for the midmicrofacelift.

Your Rejuvenative Procedure

The procedure itself is carried out over the course of a few simple steps, and it usually takes no more than a few hours to complete. The type of anesthetic that is used depends on a handful of variables, and that includes your preference as well as your overall health. If you are relatively healthy and want to remain asleep throughout the entire operation, then a general anesthetic can be administered. Once the anesthetic has kicked in, the surgeon will make one or more small incisions just above the hairline. A thin endoscope can then be used to find key areas of the cheeks that need to be restored. 

After the surgeon has found the appropriate sites, they can reinforce the skin and underlying tissue with sutures. That technique is going to get rid of many different blemishes throughout the middle and lower face. That includes sunken cheeks, square jowls, exaggerated folds around the nose, and some wrinkles near the mouth. Once the procedure is over, compression bandages are placed over the face and the patient can return home. In the following days, you should plan on resting in bed as much as possible. 

The New You

The before and after midmicrofacelift images should reveal just how amazing the results of this procedure can be. In addition to restoring your youthful beauty, your midmicrofacelift is also going to boost your confidence. After five or six days, most of the side effects should be gone or nearly invisible, and that is when you are going to notice your beautiful new appearance. While every patient is slightly different, most enjoy the results for at least three or four years. Taking care of your skin and staying as healthy as possible will boost the longevity of the alterations, and you might be able to enjoy the results for six years or longer with the proper aftercare. 

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