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Age-related blemishes could become very pronounced as you grow older, and those imperfections might have a big impact on your confidence. If you are tired of ineffective beauty products that do nothing more than mask cosmetic issues, then it might be time to consider the facelift procedure or a neck lift. Those two operations are being carried out thousands of times a year, and they will eradicate imperfections throughout the lower half of the face, jowls, and neck. 

What Can Be Treated?

Many people are surprised to hear that these two operations can be carried out separately or combined to completely rejuvenate a patient’s appearance. As you can see from the facelift before and after images, that operation is a good option for wrinkles and sagging skin around the nose, cheeks, mouth, and jawline. A patient will usually have it carried out because they are struggling with a tired or worn appearance. During that procedure, the surgeon can gently reposition the underlying tissue throughout the lower half of the face and remove excess skin. 

A neck lift is very similar to a facelift, but it is going to treat imperfections just below the jowls along the neckline. As you grow older, the skin in that area of the body is naturally going to lose its elasticity, and that can lead to a myriad of imperfections. Changes to your weight and hormonal fluctuations play a very big role in the appearance of your neck as well, and it doesn’t take much for that skin to sag and fold over. An experienced surgeon will be able to tighten your skin and remove excess fat to create a youthful and toned silhouette. 

Your Combination Procedure

After you have taken a look at some of the facelift before and after images and spent a little bit bit of time researching neck lifts, you will then need to schedule your first appointment with the cosmetic surgeon. That appointment is going to be very important because it will give the surgeon the opportunity to determine if you will make a good candidate. As long as you are a relatively healthy non-smoker with realistic expectations, then this combination of procedures should be an excellent option for you. 

On the day of the procedure, you should plan on spending at least a few hours at the surgical center. These operations are carried out with a general anesthetic so that patients remain asleep the entire time. Once your anesthetic has been administered, the surgeon will most likely begin with the facelift procedure. Two small incisions are made near the ears for that operation, and the surgeon will then begin the process of removing loose tissue and repositioning the underlying muscles. 

The placement of the incision for the neck lift depends on a few different variables, but it is usually made just below the chin. Much like the facelift, the surgeon will use that incision to carefully remove underlying tissue as well as excess skin. Once the face and neck have been gently adjusted and altered, the incisions are sutured shut and bandages are wrapped around those areas of the body.

Your Fresh New Appearance

With healthy lifestyle habits and the proper aftercare, your results could easily last for ten years or longer. Within weeks of your operation, you will be able to look in the mirror and see a more youthful and revitalized version of yourself. To learn more about either of these procedures, you should contact a cosmetic surgeon today and schedule your initial consultation. 

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