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Everything You Need To Know About Independent Medical Assessment

Independent Medical Assessment

It’s common for companies to encounter disputes in the much-talked-about areas of personal injury, worker compensation, and workplace accidents. Every person involved in these unfortunate incidents wants to do the rightful acts. Though, sometimes settling a claim can become a real challenge. 

Getting an independent medical assessment is always a good idea if you or your corporation is involved in any injury or accident claim. Independent medical examination is familiar to a few people, but it is worth knowing it to settle the claims most efficiently.

What is IMA?

An independent medical assessment (IMA) or Independent medical examination (IME) provides a professional and unbiased medical analysis. HR managers, lawyers, insurance companies, and employers generally request this examination. 

An independent review is conducted or demanded by any individual who has been injured or requires any documentation to review the extent of injuries. The reports often confirm any anticipated benefits, settlement, or coverage by the individuals. It also provides steps to return for all the procedures undertaken by the employer safely. For example, if there is any disagreement over a worker’s compensation, the IME can provide an opportunity to get the insurance professionals, attorneys, or employees on the same page. It immediately helps settle the claims in a less time-consuming and more efficient manner. 

What does it include?

This medical test is generally carried out by doctors who assess a person’s conditions based on his health, injury, or any damages incurred. An IME evaluates injured parties using a third-party medical professional to issue their unbiased opinion. It is essential that the whole study should be clear, specific, and reasoned. 

Experts provide services to organisations if it conflicts with the following issues.

Worker’s Compensation 

Workers’ compensation occurs when an employee suffers any job-related injury, workplace injury, sickness, or medical sickness. The affected individuals can claim compensation or reimbursement for any such situation to recover the damage done. 

However, seeking expert guidance is crucial to ensure you receive proper compensation. Therefore, the legal experts at the Law Offices of Nathaniel F. Hansford strongly advise against representing yourself in workers’ compensation cases, as doing so can potentially reduce your chances of winning. It is important to have knowledgeable professionals who specialize in workers compensation law on your side to navigate the complexities of the legal system and advocate for your rights effectively.

Liability injury situations 

These kinds of situations are uncertain or unpredictable. For example, if some person incurs any injury or loss of the property they own, they are liable for compensation. This may include certain kinds of slip-and-fall situations or situations like food poisoning at a restaurant. These are also regarded as unpredictable situations. 

Personal injury 

Personal injury comes under the arena of IME. Many personal injuries include traffic, home, and product-related accidents. Personal injury cases are generally brought on by any physical or mental damage caused by negligence or some other party’s actions. You can claim compensation when it comes to all these accidents. Though, you have to specify the reason behind the occurrence of these injuries. 

Disability claims 

The definition of disability includes that an individual should have a severe impairment that may either last or can be expected to stay for a minimum period of one year. In these cases, the medical reports or records should reflect that you have suffered a disability. The disability benefits are provided when the actual cause of the disability is found and is proven validated. 

Environmental hazard claims 

Any toxic material that can cause you harm or poisonous waste you have encountered can affect your overall health. These damages are often done by environmental factors and may sometimes cause serious bodily harm. So, in this case, too, you can claim damages. 


IMA is a broad term gaining immense popularity. The primary purpose of this assessment is to determine any impairment or disability to get any claim or legal proceedings. In case of any medical claim or compensation dispute, you can take the IME route and recover your damages most efficiently. 

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