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As the world continues to evolve, the internet and the resources it makes available to the public are playing an important role in the lives of many people. In particular, these resources are helping students learn and explore various fields that they may want to pursue as careers. 

If you’re a student that’s interested in learning more about healthcare, there is a seemingly endless number of resources out there for you to explore. Having some guidance around some of the best and most accessible resources in the field can make it easier to start the process. 

Here are online education resources for students interested in healthcare. 

How Online Resources Are Making Healthcare Careers More Accessible

In today’s world, almost anyone can find access to the internet. As a result, each of us has the opportunity to explore a number of amazing resources on a variety of topics. When it comes to learning about healthcare and healthcare roles, online resources have made the process more accessible. 

Given the seemingly high costs of entering a healthcare program, many people used to feel discouraged from exploring these topics. Today, however, the ease with which you can expose yourself to insights from the healthcare world makes it easy to see if you like the field. As a result, more people than ever before have opportunities to explore various healthcare fields and find the one that’s right for them before committing to a program. 


Over the last decade, podcasts have exploded in popularity. If you’re like most people, you probably have a couple that you listen to regularly. If this is true and you’re someone who enjoys listening to this form of media, exploring the healthcare field through podcasts is a perfect way to get more exposure to the field. 

From nursing podcasts to podcasts about innovations in medical care, there’s no shortage of options out there. Some of these podcasts even feature interviews with professionals in the field, giving you a deeper insight into what it would be like to step into these roles. 

In addition to giving you access to a large and varied range of inputs, podcasts are also easily accessible. The vast majority of podcasts are free and can be listened to whenever it’s convenient for you. As such, exploring podcasts is a great way to start finding out more about healthcare and the various career roles in the space. 

Some popular healthcare podcasts you can check out include:

  • NursePreneurs: This podcast explores topics at the intersection of nursing and entrepreneurship. 
  • Medtech Talk: This podcast explores the development of innovative technology in healthcare.
  • PodMD: This podcast explores insights from doctors about their experiences in healthcare. 

Online Courses

As digital technology becomes more and more of a normalized part of our lives, education is shifting to incorporate digital learning technology. By taking advantage of this type of learning, education is becoming more accessible to a wider array of people on a range of subjects and topics. 

In particular, there is more accessible healthcare-related education out there than there ever has been before. This means that you have an opportunity to take a deep dive into any healthcare-related topics that you’re interested in learning more about. 

While some online classes cost money, many online educational providers provide free trials or entirely free courses. This means that you have the opportunity to expose yourself to the field and get a gist of what it’s like before making any financial commitments. This being the case, online courses are amazing online resources if you’re curious about pursuing a career in the field. 

If you’re interested in exploring online healthcare courses, check out the National Institute of Health’s website for courses and other educational resources. 


If you’re like most students, you’re likely no stranger to the habit of perusing videos online. From animal videos to talk shows, there is a seemingly endless amount of free video content out there for you to explore. As it pertains to healthcare and healthcare roles, the case is no different. 

If you’re curious about different healthcare roles or areas of specialization, chances are you’ll be able to find a plethora of videos on the subject. For some, learning through video may be easier than reading the information in books. If you feel that this is true for you, then it’s a great idea to start exploring healthcare videos. 

YouTube can be a great place to start looking for healthcare-related videos on your explorational journey. Some amazing channels with healthcare content include:

Khan Academy Medicine: As a student, you may already be familiar with Khan Academy. However, on the Khan Academy Medicine channel, you’ll find medical concepts explained in ways that are easy to understand. 

Strong Medicine: This channel is the brainchild of Stanford professor Eric Strong who offers medical students a glimpse into complex medical ideas. 

American Medical Association (AMA): This is the channel of the AMA which features interviews and panels with professionals speaking on a range of healthcare-related topics. 

Online Resources Are Shifting the Way Students Explore Healthcare Careers

The internet has had a number of amazing and impactful effects on society. One of these impacts is allowing students to easily and accessibly explore the healthcare field. From getting insights about what it’s like to work in a certain role to learning more about technological innovations in the field, there’s no shortage of resources available to students online in today’s world. This being the case, it’s an amazing time for students everywhere to expose themselves to the healthcare field and find the career that’s perfect for them. 

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