Fall Detector Alarm

Emergencies can happen without warning, especially for the elderly. Automatic fall detection technology can assist in these situations. This medical alert system is truly lifesaving and can help a patient should they be unable to press the help button during a medical emergency or after a fall. Let’s discuss what a fall detector alarm is and why it is so important for the elderly members of your family.

What is a Fall Detector Alarm?

A personal fall alarm or fall detector alarm detects when a person falls and is a very small device. The alarm automatically employs technology to identify and request rapid assistance in the event of a fall. 

The user, without the need to press a button can summon help. They can be worn around the wrist or on the neck. Fall detector alarms are ideal for people discharged from hospital who require additional support, people with medical conditions like epilepsy or diabetes, people with disabilities or limited mobility. They are especially useful for the elderly or even people who are young and fit working alone in a hazardous environment. 

An automatic fall alarm ensures that your loved one is protected at all times in particular elderly family members.  It allows you to locate them should they fall. While bed sensors are also popular for the elderly, they are only able to detect a fall from bed. Fall alarms can detect a fall regardless of where it happens.

How Does a Fall Detector Work?

An accelerometer is use in fall alarms to detect a fall. Hi tech automatic fall detectors use three axis accelerometers, similar to smartphones and smartwatches enabling these devices to use low power radio wave technology sensor that monitors the movements of the user. An abrupt change in body movement can measure when the user has suddenly fallen and be detected by the fall monitor.

The user’s body position can be even evaluate, as can the smoothness of the acceleration of movements including physical activity. It will automatically activate an emergency fall alert should it detect a fall has occurred.

If the fall detector alarm detects a fall, the following steps will occur:

  1. The alarm identifies a fall has occurred
  2. The device commences calling the registered phone numbers you have selected   until someone answers
  3. Registered numbers will also receive a text and the user’s location will be displayed with a Google maps link.
  4. The person wearing the device can talk to whoever picked up via the device.

Does Fall Detection Work Without Cellular?

Medical alert devices with automatic fall detection, usually don’t need WIFI to work and are designed to be stand alone devices often with their own SIM card and therefore don’t need to rely on any other device network. They are very similar to a mobile phone in that it uses a SIM card (which is already included) and uses the mobile network. If there is mobile network coverage they should work. They should however not be used like a mobile phone as this device is specifically for an emergency.  Fall detection alarms are a remarkable piece of technology and are life savers.  

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