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Mass measurements are done worldwide in all areas of daily life; from measuring the weight of commodities like gold to that of potatoes in a grocery store to tons of gas in a plant. Each kind of measurement is done with adequate precision.

Local calibration authorities make certain that measurements are linked to the International Prototype Kilogram. This helps to guarantee that measurements are identical across board worldwide. That is, a kilogram measured in kg in Charlotte, North Carolina is identical to a kilogram in London or any other city.  

Weights and measurements provide information that helps us to quantify a lot of things in life. These can range from mass to area to length and to volume. These measurements are very useful and they provide valuable details that describe, represent, predict, or characterize various items, outcomes and concepts. You can see why measuring is important here

Accurate measurements and properly selecting units are very important aspects of daily life. Different items, articles, materials and objects come in different shapes, sizes, volumes and weight and buying them depends on these various factors. You need to be sure of the perfect measurement of these items in ideal units as this typically relates to its price.

This is to ensure that you are not cheated neither are you cheating the seller. The article’s measurement must be relative to its price. Different countries around the world use a variety of units for measurements. While most use metric units, the United States makes use of the traditional imperial system.

There are devices for measuring the weights of items. These are called scales. Scales are of different types and they come in different sizes, designs and shapes. They can be categorized into domestic and commercial or industrial scales. Domestic ones are typically smaller and used around the homes. Commercial or industrial ones are bigger, heavier and used in commercial settings.

What Are Industrial Weighing Scales?

Modern industrial scales are quite indispensable. They are effective for measuring items needed in production, shipping, supply chain, loading dock, retail, inventory, warehousing and logistics. They help businesses to check both incoming and outgoing goods. They also help to ensure consistent product quality. 

Industrial scales are typically calibrated by the manufacturer. Some factories are ISO-certified and they manufacture ISO-calibrated commercial scales. Depending on the type or model of the industrial scale you purchase, it may be equipped with different features. 

These can include USB ports, a Bluetooth adapter, or an RS-232 interface. All of these features allow data collected from the scale to be easily transferred to a computer system. This can then be used for a detailed analysis as well as documentation. 

The most important feature of a scale however is its accuracy and precision. It should produce the same result each time the same item is weighed.

There is a wide range of industrial applications that require weighing scales. These can include retail to agriculture or waste management, transportation and shipping and many more. To this end, industrial scales come in various weighing capacities and specifications. Some common examples of these 

  • Platform
  • Floor
  • Truck
  • Counting
  • Bench
  • Food portioning
  • Restaurant
  • Jewelry

Each type is different and is fit for a unique purpose. The right weighing scale for your application will bring about efficient results. You can check out some of these here

Choosing the Best Industrial Scale

There are various types of industrial scales and each one offers differing weighing ranges as well as level of accuracy. When selecting one, you should consider your requirement and the expected weight of what you intend to measure. As a result, ensure that the commercial scale you choose has a maximum capacity that is a little above what you require.

Additionally, these various commercial scales may have different functions like part counting, full-range tare as well as zero capabilities. In fact, a lot of them have the piece counting function or the percentage function. This is useful for summing up insulated weight and for annual inventory. The percentage function shows any variation relative to the weight of the object.

In selecting one, you should consider your application’s requirements and if any of these added functionalities will be beneficial to your operations. A good example is warehousing. In a warehouse, a commercial scale may be used to weigh boxes and count parts so as to keep track of inventory.

Furthermore, you should consider the type of industrial environment where it will be used. Scales for different industries differ. Some are used indoors while some may be used outdoors. Not every scale will be able to withstand tough outdoor conditions. Additionally, it is important to consider the kind of material that will be weighed on it.

You also need to know if it will be stationary or will be moved around frequently. Scales may be subjected to temperature variations and if moved frequently, they can easily lose their calibration. This is why it is important to buy one that is designed to be moved about if you need to. Nevertheless, you can achieve accurate results if your scale is properly maintained.

Where to Get Your Industrial Scale

You can buy your industrial scale from different manufacturers and supplies who offer such services. Asides from sales, most offer preventative maintenance services to ensure that your devices are in top shape every time. If there is a problem with your scale, they also have technicians that can help fix the problem.

Furthermore, some offer rental services too. These are for times when you need quick service. It may also be used as a stop-gap for when your scale is not available due to maintenance or repair. For businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina and environs, you can contact industrial scales Charlotte NC if you need durable as well as safe industrial scales.


Scales are versatile devices that come in a variety of capacities, shapes and sizes. They are useful for everyday measurements of weights and mass. There are commercial as well as domestic ones and each serves its unique purposes. It is important to understand your application requirements and buy one that fits this purpose.

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