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No one ever plans to become addicted to something. Many times, drugs and alcohol are used as a way to cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. As your body grows accustomed to the substance, you need more of it to feel any effects. Soon, you’re taking too many drugs or alcohol that you can’t cut yourself off without being sick. This is how addiction starts. 

Addiction is a disease of the brain and it can alter your brain chemistry to the point where you and those closest to you don’t know who you are. You become a stranger to yourself and others without meaning to. It’s scary for everyone involved. 

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Many people lose friends, family, jobs, and homes because of addiction but that’s not always the case. There are many people out there suffering from addiction who manage to lead normal lives. They’ve managed their addiction or hidden it from the people around them so they don’t feel the need to get treatment. This isn’t true. 

Regardless of how you’re addicted and whether or not you can function in your everyday life, you should still get treatment. It’s only a matter of time before you lose your footing and your addiction spirals out of control.

There are places like Lincoln Recovery or a hospital that can help you detox from your addiction safely. They can even help you treat the underlying cause. If you’re looking to get treatment right here in Illinois, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is all the way a Treatment center can help you.


A lot of people don’t realize that you can’t go cold turkey on drugs or alcohol. Once your body is used to having the drugs and alcohol in its system, it can go into shock when it suddenly doesn’t have it anymore. 

While it may seem odd, you cannot, I repeat cannot suddenly stop the thing that is poisoning your body. Most cases require slow and gradual weaning of the substance or detox so you can get the substance out of your system in the safest way possible. 

Detox sounds scary but treatment centers and hospitals can make sure you have the support you need to get through it. For more information about detox, click here

Emotional support

Treatment centers offer a wide range of programs that offer you emotional and mental support throughout your treatment. Don’t think that rehab only helps you get off drugs or alcohol. That’s not all they do and if you find a treatment center that tells you that’s all they do, do not go to them. 

Addiction is a complex disease and as such, it needs multiple kinds of treatment options to treat successfully. Therapy allows substance abusers to learn more about themselves and why they turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with things in their lives. There are often different kinds of therapies rehab centers provide. 

Group therapy is a popular therapy throughout treatment centers because it allows patients to speak to others who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They learn that they’re not alone and that other people suffer from the same condition as them. They also get to meet new people and hopefully make lasting friendships with others who are sober. 

Another great therapy option is one on one sessions. This is part of your dual diagnostic workup if you’re at a facility that does that. You’ll get to work with a therapist who can help you learn better coping skills for underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. It makes it so much easier leaving the facility to have actionable tools in place provided by therapy treatment. 

It can take time to fully heal from addiction, even if you’re working on yourself really, really hard. Take a look at how your addiction can affect the brain.

It gives you a chance to work on yourself

This is a great opportunity to learn about yourself. A lot of people forget who they are after addiction and rehab can help you slowly discover yourself again. You’ll learn what made you happy before and you’ll be able to explore some of those things you used to do before addiction took over your life. 

You’ll also learn why you became an addict. Many times, it’s past trauma or mental illness that causes you to try drugs or alcohol for the first time. You can learn to cope with these past traumas in a safe manner and without reliance on drugs or alcohol. 

Many people go on an inward journey when they start the journey to sobriety. They come out truly understanding themselves in a way they thought was impossible before. 

It’ll help you save your relationships

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Addiction often negatively impacts your relationships. Since it changes how you behave, you can become combative or rude to those you love the most. And since addiction takes over your life, it means that you’ve blown off important events in favor of getting a fix. 

Going to rehab and getting sober is a great way for you to show your friends and family that you’ve made the decision to remove negativity from your life. It’s the first step toward making amends. 

Sobriety often helps you look at things in a new light so you’ll start to see how you affected your relationships. That way, you can start trying to find ways to heal the pain that you caused and fix the relationships you damaged. 

Many treatment centers offer family counseling too, so you’ll be able to do it in a setting that is healthy and productive. A professional can help you and your relationships heal from the pain you caused when you were under the influence. 

While this all seems great, do not expect these relationships to suddenly work out or forgive you. Depending on how deep these wounds are, you might need to work really hard to get your friendships back on track. Don’t expect miracles and don’t expect them to forgive and forget right away. Healing takes time, especially when you hurt someone you really cared about. 

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