Addictions in the Modern World

Some people become addicted to something because it gives them a feeling of joy, and they want to have that feeling all the time. A vicious cycle will start because when they stop using the substance or performing the activity, they will experience a low feeling and restart the process again to feel high. Here are 3 of the most common addictions in the modern world.


Anyone can become an alcoholic as this drug is widely available and an acceptable part of most cultures. Alcoholism is a terrible disease that destroys a person’s mind, body, and life. A person with an addiction to alcohol will feel the need to drink every day, at any time of the day and in any location. Some sufferers will try to hide their drinking and distance themselves from friends and family. 

Alcoholism can cause many health conditions such as heart and liver disease, diabetes, ulcers, sexual problems, increased risk of cancer, and vision problems. The condition worsens over time, and it is vital to get professional help as soon as possible. Your general practitioner will be able to help you by offering you counseling, drug therapy, or they may refer you to outpatient rehab in Dallas, where you will receive daily support in the comfort of your own home.


Nicotine is a chemical found in the tobacco plant and is highly addictive. It is a sedative and a stimulant, so when it is taken in the form of a cigarette and smoked along with other chemicals, it will induce a high feeling caused by a release of adrenaline. The surge of adrenaline increases heart rate, insulin, blood pressure, and the rate of breathing.

It is tough to give up smoking, and people doing so may experience feelings of depression, emptiness, irritability, and anxiety. Smoking cigarettes can cause a host of health conditions such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and fetal development if a pregnant woman smokes.


Not all addictions involve physical substances. A person can become addicted to gambling. Winning a large amount of money gives a person a feeling of euphoria much like that of a drug-induced high, and they will want to try and get that feeling as much as they possibly can. Gambling addicts will spend their last dollar because they are convinced that this will be the time they turn into millionaires.

Gambling addiction can ruin the life of the gambler and those close to them. Families will struggle financially because the addict has spent all of the household income or even lost their job because of their behavior. The need for more money to spend on gambling can lead to the sufferer stealing cash from those close to them. A gambling addict will experience feelings of anxiety, stress, guilt, and loneliness. They will feel like their life is spiraling out of control. Treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy is usually very effective at treating sufferers and seems to have the highest success rate at curing the illness. It may also help addicts to attend counseling sessions or support groups.

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