Headache after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some people misinterpret wisdom teeth. As the name itself tells you about wisdom but in reality it doesn’t give you any extra wisdom. Only one logic is applied for its name is that it usually comes in when you are around 17 to 21 years old. 

That’s why it’s called wisdom teeth because at that time you are an adult and have wisdom. After the appearance of wisdom teeth you have all 32 teeth. The process of appearing, staying and removal of wisdom teeth is a little painful because of its complications.

So are you ready to know everything about headaches which are caused by the removal of wisdom teeth?

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Wisdom teeth are the toughest teeth and the shape and angle are slightly different from your normal teeth. Did you know that some people don’t have wisdom teeth in their mouths? Yes it happens but in rare cases.

The need of wisdom teeth removal:

There are some specific reasons to remove wisdom teeth. Many people don’t prefer to remove wisdom teeth because they don’t have any issues while wisdom teeth are present in their mouth.

It is totally safe to not remove wisdom teeth if you are comfortable with these. If your wisdom teeth are healthy and completely grown in shape then there is no need to remove them.

If your wisdom tooth is in the correct position and not irritatedly contacting your other teeth then you don’t need to remove it. Make sure it becomes cleaned while brushing your teeth. 

But sometimes your wisdom tooth becomes a problem for you and it comes with so many issues such as pain. Sometimes it emerges within the gums and causes pain. It traps within your jaw and increases the risk of infection.

Sometimes it emerges from the gums but not entirely. You may see its head but it is not completely visible. In this situation you need to remove it because it attracts bacteria.

Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t have enough room and it starts damaging other teeth. In this case you must remove your wisdom teeth to not be in the grip of other problems.

Symptoms after wisdom teeth removal:

There are some symptoms you may have after the surgery of wisdom teeth removal. But you don’t need to worry if you take little precaution and listen to your doctor.

The symptoms you may get are listed below;

  • You may feel swollen in your mouth and cheeks area. People feel this change on the very first day after surgery for wisdom teeth removal. Although it improves from day to day.
  • Your jaw can become sore for 7 to 8 days after the removal of wisdom teeth.
  • You may feel small marks on your cheeks. 
  • The pain which is invited after or during the removal of wisdom teeth is very severe and sometimes makes the process much more complicated.
  • You may feel a slight change in your taste after the removal.
  • You may get a headache after wisdom teeth removal and this is a very common problem faced by people.

Headache After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Causes and Treatment

As we told you above in the article, it depends on you whether you want to remove your wisdom teeth or not but it is advisable to extract wisdom teeth if they create problems. 

When wisdom teeth appear with many harmful issues then chances of bacteria’s attack are more often. It becomes necessary to remove it. 

People feel a severe headache after the removal of wisdom teeth but it goes after three to four days. If it doesn’t go entirely, it reduces with time. So you don’t need to be afraid of a headache. 

When your jaw and gum are undergoing surgery for wisdom teeth removal, the muscle of the nearby area of your jaw becomes tight and because of this strain the muscles of your head are also affected and you get a headache.

You may have a headache because the muscles of your face and head become tense after the removal. Sometimes the infected wisdom teeth become the reason for the severe headache. 

During the surgery of wisdom teeth removal you don’t feel any pain because of medicine which your doctor uses during the surgery. But after the surgery when the effect of these medicines has vanished, you feel a headache. 

Some tips to reduce the pain:

In this section we are going to share a valuable thing from this entire article. Do you want a solution and tips for your headache issue after wisdom teeth removal?

If yes then read the complete article.

There are various tips you can follow to reduce your pain:

  • You should rinse your mouth with warm water. Lukewarm water helps to end the infection and ensures less chances of bacteria in your mouth. 
  • You can try hot and cold compression for the relief from headache. Hot compression makes your muscles tighten thus the flow of blood becomes faster. After that by applying cold compression the pain from a headache gets reduced and eventually you feel ok.
  • Take painkillers like aspirin. Aspirin helps to reduce the pain after wisdom teeth removal. Kindly consume it after the doctor’s prescription.
  • Maintain your diet after the removal of wisdom teeth. You must add soft food such as yogurt in your diet. 


So your all queries about headache after wisdom teeth removal are cleared now. In the article we have covered every aspect of the issues you may have faced after wisdom teeth removal. 

Now you have known and understood the precautions and tips to reduce pain from headache.

I hope you would have enjoyed reading.

I also hope it will be very beneficial for you. Let’s end this article with the promise of coming back with another amazing article.

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