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Sydney offers one of the most eclectic communities around the world with cultures diverging in its 12,000-kilometre land area. It is one of Australia’s largest cities, with 5.23 million of people residing in the city. The city is not only known for its handsome water features but the population’s penchant for the art of body modification.

It is easy to say that most men and women residing in the city are getting more and more interested in tattoos and body piercing. So, if you are looking for a body piercing studio in Sydney, it pays to know which qualities to look for. 

Cleanliness and Sterility Should Go Hand-in-Hand

You do not want to end up with a botched body piercing project because you either went for something cheap or a shop with the lowest regards for cleanliness. Cleanliness always goes hand-in-hand with sterility.  

The Australian government is strict when it comes to body piercing and other body modification art forms because of the possible spread of infections. An unkempt studio always equates to second-rate services and that is something you should avoid. 

A tattoo and body piercing studio should always be well-tended and appear clean. Not only is this a good sign of safe procedures, but also equates to professionalism. An unclean body piercing studio is one of the red flags to avoid when on the search for the right Sydney body modification shop.

Complete Business Certification and Licenses

Piercers are required by the Australian government to undergo some form of training before they can practice the art. Specialty certificates for body piercing and tattooing are often acquired from registered training facilities, both land-based and online.

If you are looking for the perfect body piercing studio in Sydney, always scrutinise their certifications. These are most often displayed on the studio’s walls to let people know that they are certified and skilled to do the job right. 

Additionally, Sydney requires tattoo and body piercing professionals to undergo health and training certifications. It is to ensure that they are aware of the possible infection risks and how to prevent an upsurge of HIV and Hepa diseases. 

A Good Line of Portfolio Speaks Quality Work

Probably one of the most visible markers of good body piercers is their work portfolio. These are often displayed on the outside or at the entrance of body modification shops to attract customers. When looking for a body piercing studio in the city, always make sure that they have the right skills.

And not only that, but you should also consider the authenticity of their works. Some shops try to deceive patrons by posting pictures they got online. When going to a body piercing shop, make sure to ask some questions before getting their services. 

There are ways to make it easy for you without appearing too aggressive. You can search online and check for previous customer reviews. Eventually, their ratings would pop out, and you need to get the services on one that has a trusted industry name.


It is often easy to get caught in the hype of your excitement when having a body piercing job done. Getting the right services for your body modification project will not just guarantee the right results, but also ensure you are free from any possible health risks. 

When cowering Sydney for the right body piercing talents, there is only one rule of thumb. Get the right body piercer who provides you with friendly service and the right skills from start to finish.

By Caitlyn

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