Simple Makeup Tutorials for Work

Makeup is a form of art that helps build self-esteem for some people, mainly because it enhances appearance and also removes imperfections. Nowadays, makeup plays a very important role, be it for women or men, as this industry has been growing a lot and most people have been gaining more concern about skincare and other cosmetics issues. Using makeup is typically associated with transforming people into more young and attractive individuals, which ends up having huge social advantages that are crucial in today’s society. Our appearance is essential, not only for others and the impact we make in them but also to ourselves due to that extra boost of determination and courage. It’s amazing how we can earn fresh and positive energy just by applying some products on our skin, every morning.

Cosmetics are available in many stores with a very diverse price range, and you can easily find lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, face powders, eyeliners, and many more! These days, companies even produce products that are adequate to different skin types, such as dry, oily, or sensitive. Everyone can find their own cosmetics just by paying attention to their characteristics! My advice is, after finding the most adequate products for your skin type and your budget, have fun with them because, for me, makeup can be an art where there are practically no rules to follow. If it works for you and you like it, go for it!

Lastly, if you’re a person that loves makeup, this article is for you. Maybe, you’ve been wondering what type of makeup you should apply or even if you should wear any to your job. Even though this decision is totally up to you, if the answer is yes, then let me tell you that spending time on yourself every morning and applying products that make you more beautiful and confident can be a form of therapy and can help you greatly in your workplace! Now, I will show you some simple tutorials and looks to wear at work that you can follow to embrace the day with bravery:

No-Makeup Makeup

This look is trending at the moment because it basically focuses on the bare minimum, leaving your face more natural. It sounds weird wearing makeup but not wanting to look like we’ve applied it, right? Well, the goal here is to enhance the features of your face, avoiding the typical exaggerated look with much coverage, bold brows, big liners, and extravagant shadows. For beginners in the world of cosmetics, I strongly recommend this tutorial because it’s easy and there is virtually no chance that it will be a failure.

Firstly, my advice for you is mixing the foundation with your moisturizer. This simple step will cut some time off and it will look really natural due to the loss of unnecessary coverage. Next, you can apply just a little bit of powder to avoid the oiliness during a long, tiring day of work. Apply a concealer if you find necessary to your blemishes and put some mascara on to attract the attention to your eyes. Later, with an easy hand, apply bronzer and highlighter just to contour the face. Last but not least, you can finish the look with a nude and discreet lipstick that you can retouch throughout the day. I know this look is simple and does not have many details, however, don’t forget that a good makeup mirror is crucial to see the marks of the foundation on the neck or if the lipstick was well applied! If you’re interested in finding out the best ones on the market, click here.

Discreet but Elegant: Everything We Need

This one will require a little bit more skill than the one before, and I must advise you again that a good mirror will make all the difference. You can have many high-quality cosmetics, but only when you nail the details, that’s when you can reach the best result possible – I am sure this is a common desire, right girls?

So, a glitter shadow with a cute lipstick can be something ordinary, but when using them at work, they can cause a good impression, and other employees or even your boss will notice that you care about your appearance, and will remember you more often! 

Before you start this look, I will warn you that the best way to proceed is to start by applying all the eyeshadows, because if something fails, you can clear everything, effortlessly! So, glitter eyeshadows never disappoint, and you can choose either silver, copper, or even a bold gold! Blending a brownish shadow into the crease is the next step to add up a dimension. Next is mascara – you can never miss this step, as this item is one of the most essential in all looks because it will transform it, as well as fill in the brows with your favorite products. Foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, and highlighter comes next, and yes, it’s in this order! The last step is choosing the perfect pink or red matte lipstick. Now, you’re ready to take the day and feel powerful with a slightly bolder look than the previous one!

Eyeliner is a Game-Changer

This tutorial is actually pretty quick but there’s some skill involved, specifically doing a spotless wing eyeliner. But don’t quit right now! Stay, because I can give you some tips about this one. Forget about the pencil or gel eyeliner, you just need a brown pigmented eyeshadow and an angled brush. Start by doing a line towards the end of the brow, and then connect the end of it with the middle of the lid. Next, fill everything with the eyeshadow and it’s done. The main challenge is doing a similar one in both eyes, but keep in mind that if it comes out wrong you can always smudge everything and still save the look! Prepare the skin with the products I mentioned in the tutorial above and choose your favorite lipstick. I hope you try this one because even though it’s natural, it’s an elegant and stunning look that will attract people’s attention and give you a lot more confidence.

May Your Work Day Be As Flawless As Your Makeup

Hopefully, you have found at least one tutorial that is good for you and for your workplace. If it works you can use on a daily basis, with some color alterations, to begin the day the best way possible. Before I go, there are two things that I want you to know: Makeup has no rules as long as it’s an enjoyable time for you, and the other is no matter what look you go for, it’s always right if it gives you enough confidence to be unstoppable! Thanks for reading and show everyone at your work how beautiful and strong your are!

By Caitlyn

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