A world which thrives for speed and change, some things are bound to get affected. Everyone nowadays is in a rush to do better than yesterday and achieve greater heights but in this continuous fight, we neglect the most precious gift that we are endowed with: Nature. 

Factories, mills, vehicles, burning of fossil fuels, leakage of toxic gases,  and so many other factors lead to air pollution and depletion of ozone layers. The toxic and poisonous substances blend with air particles become the oxygen that we breathe. They say that it helps us to stay alive but now we can say, it’s bringing us closer to the end. 

Through this article, we will tell you about air pollutant exposure, it’s harmful effects and the adverse effects that it has on toddlers, like increased rates of allergies to food items and certain smells. Keep reading to know just how dangerous our environment is becoming for our future generations. 

What is Air Pollutant Exposure?

Air pollutant exposure typically means inhaling the air which contains a large number of toxic substances that are released by factories, vehicle smoke, burning of fuels and by other methods of a similar sort. 

These toxic substances when enters our respiratory tract create havoc in our systems. It exposes us to various respiratory diseases and even lung failure. The excessive amount of Nitrogen and carbon monoxide is further deteriorating the situation for all of us.  And there are a few pollutants in home also that increase the chance of allergies like Soft furnishings (which can contain flame retardants), pressed wood furniture (which leak invisible compounds), and carpets (which house pet dander, dust mites and other allergens) are amongst the most common culprits. 

How is it Harmful?

The adverse effects of air pollutant exposure on humans are more than these lines can encapsulate. 

  • . These substances can make toddlers and infants more exposed to allergies and diseases. As their immunity systems are not as built up and strong, their bodies are unable to process all these toxic substances and lead to several issues. 
  • It is also believed to cause lung cancer and lung failure. The toxic substances are even worse than inhaling a whole pack of cigarettes so it doesn’t really matter if you are an addict or not. Because we are already inhaling the toxicity that comes with it. 
  • It can deteriorate the condition of an Asthma patient and lead to further depletion in his health. 
  • It may even cause skin infection and nausea. People who have sensitive skin are more exposed to having skin allergies when exposed to these toxic substances. 

How it Increases the Chances of Allergies in Toddlers?

The air pollutant exposure is more harmful to toddlers and early age. It’s extremely important to protect the toddlers from these toxic substances to ensure proper functionality of their respiratory tract avoids any diseases. They are also very prone to be the subject of various allergies. 

The allergies which these toddlers get subjected to go on for a long period and are difficult to get rid of. Some toddlers get allergic to food items, insects or even inhalers. 

In the below-mentioned points, we have explained how it increases the chance of allergies in toddlers –

  • Air pollution impacts the child’s ability to process and digest things. It also disturbs the overall neurodevelopmental of the toddler. Proper functioning of neurons and senses is very crucial at this stage. Otherwise, they become prone to certain allergies which evolve into bigger issues in the future. 
  • Statistically speaking, more than 90% of the world’s children are inhaling toxic substances. Due to which their mind and body growth are slowed down. The phenomenon that should be carried out naturally and at its own pace is now being stunted due to inhaling substances like sulphur dioxide, excessive nitrogen compounds etc. All of these encapsulate to subject these toddlers to various allergies. 
  • Exposure to air pollution can even cause lung failure in toddlers, this leads to certain allergies to inhalers. In extreme conditions, the allergies surge up to such an extent that it may even cause death.

The Bottom Line

We, the youth of the world, should remember that we do not own this world. We have been endowed with it by our seniors and are supposed to hand it over to our younger generations as a safe and pious world to live in.

But what we are currently doing is just contrary to it. We are not taking development and sustainability hand in hand. Knowingly or not, we are leading to an increase in air pollution which will make our younger generations exposed to several diseases. 

So if not for us then for them, we should try and cut down on the air pollution. To give our children a safe world. 

By Caitlyn

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