Difficulty in learning is a state in which an individual experiences difficulty in learning things, it can affect your memory and also affect the individual’s skills, it also interferes with your organizational and concentration skills. A student who suffers from a learning disorder requires extra time in completing several tasks and other assignments. There is also a disorder in some students and that disorder is named as dyspraxia, it is a condition in which a student’s motor skills are poor and a student finds difficulty in writing. But you don’t need to get worried, you can improve your learning abilities by exercising, and it’s obvious that for the workout you need to get proper outfits which are best suitable for your aerobic workout. Born tough offers the outfit at cheap and affordable prices, as born tough running tank tops are made up of world-class quality providing you immense comfort and durability. They are available in various shapes, available in all sizes and impressive colors.

You can improve your learning abilities by exercising.

Aerobic exercise helps you a lot in making your brain sharper for high performance. There are three ways through which you can actually activate your mental abilities, as an intense workout also improves your alertness and motivation. It also helps the nerve cells to get linked with each other which helps in the promotion of information more actively. Moreover workout also helps in the development of new nerve cells in the hippocampus. Exercise helps your brain a lot in learning and also helps to memorize things more efficiently. Experts have shown that there is a strong connection between academic records and physical health. That means if you are physically fit and healthy obviously you have improved learning abilities.

How exercise helps to improve the physical health of a student

Research has shown that there are various health and mental issues through which students face lots of difficulties, they are not able to learn things and are not able to achieve their goals in their lives. So exercise helps an individual to eliminate these health issues in the following way

Exercise helps to keep an individual away from stress

As most of the students face numerous problems in their lives including workload pressure especially during their examination. So exercise is a way that takes off even chronic stress and helps to diminish the negativity from an individual. So if you are planning to hit the gym I would recommend you get super cute gym gears first. Born tough running shorts are available in various designs and are best for your workout, which you simply can’t resist. 

So students if suffering from extreme negativity and stress in their studies I would suggest them to join gym classes at least three times a week. 

Panic attacks in students

Panic attacks are considered the worst form of anxiety. I have seen many students suffering from panic attacks while sitting in the examination hall, but on the other hand, I have seen various students with extreme confidence and high morale because they practice aerobic exercise on a daily basis or at least thrice a week. Studies have shown that exercise activates the circuit of the brain, decreases muscle tension, and takes out the person from an anxious situation. 

Development of the brain through exercising

Various research has found that through exercise a protein is secreted in our body which is called as FNDC5 which directly enters into your blood streams. This process also helps your brain to release another hormone which is called a brain derived neurotrophic factor( BDNF), this hormone allows your body to develop new nerves cells in your brain, and also helps the previous brain cells to survive. Summarizing all this fact exercise allows your brain to get stronger, improving the ability to memorize things and also improves focusing abilities. 

So intense workout develops brain plasticity and promotes growth of new connections in various areas of the brain. Exercise also enhances the growth factors of the brain which also develops neuronal connections. 

Healthy body develops healthy mind

If you are a student and going through any difficulty of concentration, focus or learning i would give you an honest advice to take out some time from your busy routine and go for exercise. Exercise is really helpful in boosting up your mood and it also waves off traces of depression, and anxiety. Other than that there are some healthy activities for students which should be generated by teachers in order to make a strong connection between the brain and the body. Also engage students in various fitness related programmes which will promote fine motor adjustment, and highly promotes concentration and off course focusing abilities. Beside that try to find some social support, merge several routines and staying consistent to the routine of exercise is a secret of having a healthy mind and body. 

By Caitlyn

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