How To Deal With Chronic Depression?

Chronic Depression

The term chronic depression sometimes gives patients hope. Thinking that it is the less serious version of major depression. However, if not treated accurately, this can lead to serious mental health issues. So, if you are not aware of what chronic depression or dysthymia is, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we could be telling you everything which you need to know about this mental health condition, and how you should help yourself out of it. Because the first step of problem-solving is always the identification of the problem.

However, do not automatically jump to the conclusion that you could be suffering from mild depression after reading this article. If you have been feeling a type of impending gloom lately, where you do not wish to get out of bed. If burnout is becoming a daily occurrence, and even the activities you love induces no excitement, you might be dealing with chronic depression.

Or, if any of your daily mental symptoms are matching with those given below, then you might be in need of a professional.

It is always better to get your diagnosis from a professional.

If suffering from this ailment, you can try holistic therapeutic techniques like music therapy or art therapy. 

What Is Dysthymia?

It is a form of mild depression which is not a constant in your life. But, there will be time chunks when you feel depressed, and it lasts for months. The cause could be a functioning abnormality in the brain, which is responsible for mood-uplifting neurotransmitters.

It could be genetic, or it could be something environmental like stress, season, or recent trauma.

Symptoms of Dysthymia are-

  • Being in a bad head space or in a sad mood for quite some time of the day.
  • Not interested in hobbies which you liked before.
  • Fatigue and a loss of appetite.
  • The problem is the sleep cycle.
  • Decrease in productivity, both work, and home.
  • Feeling of hopelessness or a state of worthlessness.
  • Suicidal thoughts. 

How To Deal With It

Here are some of the ways in which you could deal with chronic depression.

1. Take Regular Therapy

Chronic depression might not stay with you all the time, but sometimes the time period can elongate for months. This is a time when you should cherish your mental health more than anything.

Taking at least two therapy sessions a week will help you understand the reasoning behind your rising dysthymia and give you accurate techniques which will help in the combat.

Book a therapy session today from Cassandra Chiu, and get yourself diagnosed if necessary.

2. Avoid Substances

You might feel like psychoactive substances or stimulating ones like alcohol and tobacco will help you to calm yourself and feel better. But, this could be far from right. When you feel this sudden high, there is also a possibility of feeling a sudden low.

This sudden low can be worse than the natural depression which is already looking inside you.

3. Try Physical Exercises

Physical exercise can be a great way to regulate the chemical activities in your body. Some of the best exercises which psychologists recommend for chronic depression are yoga and intensive cardio like swimming, running, or cycling.

They help in balancing the serotonin and dopamine level in your body. One which is found less when you are suffering from chronic depression.

4. Talk To Someone

Whenever you feel the impending emotions of worthlessness or hopelessness, and it is not possible to speak to a therapist, then always speak to someone who is close to you. This could be a friend or a family member who is aware of your situation and can be there for you.

5. Go On A Vacation

Going on a vacation will help you broaden your mind to new possibilities. It should be during the times when you are feeling the lowest. This is when you should book a ticket to a place which will help you feel a sense of tranquility.

It can take you away from the external factor which is causing the mental ailment. You can also go for a staycation plan, but the main point here is to take charge and take care.

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