How to Get Rid of Chin Fat

Every one of us wants that flawless, attractive, and chiseled face with a perfect jawline, don’t we? After all, the face is what adds immense value to your personality. It is the first thing a person sees when they look at you. The face is also not something one can hide easily, perhaps that’s the reason we dread the double chin so much. 

The occurrence of a double chin is usually due to an extra layer of fat deposition beneath the skin of your chin and neck.

Causative factors

Now, a double chin is not just the result of excess fat or obesity. It can also occur due to other factors like posture, genetics, weight and diet, loosening of the skin due to aging, and so on.

Most of the time, we unknowingly carry a poor posture, which may gradually result in developing a double chin. Hence, it is very important to keep your neck straight at all times, especially while watching television or working in front of a screen for long hours. If you don’t do so, your muscles around you neck and chin area may lose elasticity due to inactivity, over time.

Genes may also play a very important role. Individuals that have a family history of loose skin or reduced skin elasticity may have it passed down to them.

Due to aging, your skin may lose some elasticity and firmness to it, resulting in saggy or loose skin in some parts of the body, especially your chin.

Your diet and weight contribute majorly to a not-so-appealing double chin. A poor diet may give you a rich chin. Keep the lifestyle in check by not consuming an ample amount of processed food, unhealthy fats, and high-calorie food. This may lead to obesity resulting in the deposition of fat on your face. 

Which of these factors affect? Properly analyzing and understanding the factors affecting you may help in eliminating your chin fat to a great extent.


Another major thing that can help you get rid of that stubborn chin fat is exercise. It’s a dear savior that is tried and tested to help you achieve that celebrity jawline. Several exercises help you gain those results to a great extent if done correctly and dedicatedly.

A few popular exercises include:

Chew gum: It is the easiest! Chewing gum a lot ,will exercise your jaw muscles giving you that perfect jawline.

Pout for the jawline and not the selfie: Simply keeping your head straight and pouting while keeping your lower lip out frontwards will tone up your neckline and jawline. Do this every day for 3 seconds, 10 times.

Use the Tongue: Stick out your tongue as far out as you can. Now switch side, moving it from left to right. Repeat this for 10 seconds, 10 times a day. This reshapes your jawline by tightening up any loose tissues in there.

Whistling at the sky: Look upwards at the ceiling or the sky, and whistle. This is another great exercise done to get rid of that chin fat. Repeat this 10 times. Add fun to this workout by whistling your favorite tune. Whistling will strengthen your neck and jaw muscles preventing you from growing a double chin.

Yoga: Doing certain asanas that work on the neck and face will tone up your neck muscles giving you the jawline you desire.

Sit up straight and stretch your neck sideways. First to the left, and then to your right, as far as you can. Do this about 10 times. Avoid injuries by not stretching beyond your limit.

Other treatments include:

Using good face masks 

Applying the right masks provides good results like face tightening for some individuals. These may include masks containing beneficial ingredients like egg whites, green tea, honey, coffee, and glycerine.

Keeping a good check on diet and lifestyle

First and foremost I would recommend you try weight loss by consuming fewer calories and exercising for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking plenty of water will make that excess weight come off quicker and more. Consuming more water-based fruits and veggies will eliminate unwanted toxins from your body. While doing all this, don’t forget to say no to unhealthy processed sugars and foods, oily or fried foods. Also remember, Home-cooked food is the best for people who are trying to shed their body fat.


Mesotherapy: This is a treatment that requires getting injections into the chin. These injections help dissolve and melt away the stubborn fat. It is indeed effective, but will lead to nerve damage if done by inexperienced hands. This may take 80-100 injections and over 6 months, to complete the treatment or see visible results.

Liposuction or Liposculpture: This treatment requires a surgical procedure to remove chin fat with the help of laser or suction. The laser is used to melt down the fat in most cases. This treatment may help a great deal with tackling the fat deposition, but the elasticity situation, not so much!

Kybella: It is a drug approved by the FDA. This is a process of using injections into the fat tissue. Up to 50 injections may be used in a single treatment. You may have to get such individuals treatments every month.

Complex surgeries like these may cause side effects like bruising, pain, swelling, and nerve damage if done wrong. The re-deposition of chin fat may bring back your double chin, if lifestyle, diet, and weight are not maintained. 

Final comments: 

Maintaining healthy body weight will help you get rid of that double chin, while also keeping more chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, insomnia at bay. Unless you’re more than sure that genetics is the causative factor of your double chin, give healthy diet, better lifestyle, exercising, and weight loss a good try before resorting to major treatments that may be rather painful and expensive. Recovering from more complicated treatments may be a time-consuming hassle. Just maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to notice those beautiful results over time.

By Caitlyn

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