Calories Do I Need To Gain Weight!

Eating calculative calories is a must for a healthy weight gain on a continual basis until the goal is achieved. Learning how many right calories to consume to quickly and safely reach weight gain goals is important and needs understanding. 

There are several types of calculators available online to help people calculate their daily goals in terms of calories. But all such calculators or even manual calculations done by dietitians involve factors to take care of like:

1. Levels of exercise involved or needed from little to none

  • Light exercises done 1-3 days per week
  • Moderate exercise for 3-5 days per week
  • Extensive or hard exercises 6-7 days per week
  • No exercise

2. Daily levels of normal activity besides workout routine to analyze calorie burnout or consumption by the body

3. Gender of the person since male and female calorie requirements are different.

4. Age of the person, etc.

Being calculative about what to eat and how much to eat is essential when it comes to weight either gaining it or losing it both ways.

How Many Calories Do I Need To Gain Weight!

How many calories a person must consume to gain weight in males?

The daily requirement comes to 1500 calories as a need of a male to gain weight. For how much weight to put on it requires calculating the upper hand calories needed. Hulk sort of eating becomes a key while gaining weight in males. Since their bodies require too many extra calories to keep the weight up. 

For picking up weight super quickly it is important to take care of things like:

Keep eating every 2-3 hours and ensure eating something within 15 minutes of waking up.

Good meals are the key and breakfast needs to be super big cooing anything healthy calorie infused from cheese-loaded omelettes or sandwiches along with shakes or smoothies.

Always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day consuming water or other fluids.

Food preferences- carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, oatmeal, vegetables, and fruits; proteins like lean beef, chicken, cottage cheese, milk, salmon, eggs; healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, flaxseed oil, nuts, peanut butter, etc are good sources of healthy calories.

Tip: Go for protein shakes and munch on protein cookies for snacking at least twice in a day to put on weight super quickly.

How many calories do females need to gain weight

How many calories do females need to gain weight? 

More than 1200 calories are a must for every female to consume in order to keep the weight graph up. Further eating it continuously is another important thing to follow in order to maintain that added weight.

Following are the tips to follow:

  • Always prefer a calorie-rich diet for every meal to keep adding extra calories for putting on weight.
  • Consume more protein-containing foods like lean meat, cheese, dairy products, etc.
  • Consume a handful of carbohydrates but not the processed ones whole grains along with healthy fats from hints like olive oil, dry fruits, peanut butter, etc.
  • Keep a check on meal frequency and portion size. Eating the right amount at the right time helps in managing weight.
  • Resistance training becomes important while adding weight to make core strong and keep adding a healthy amount of weight instead of baggy piles of fat around the body.
  • Being consistent with the regime from diet to exercise is very important to maintain results for a longer time.
  • Also, BMI or basal metabolism index also plays a crucial whole in deciding a person’s weight to fall under normal, over or underweight category. Knowing where you fall in it lets you know if you have a normal, high, or slow metabolism and you can plan your diet accordingly.

Help can be taken from a professional dietician as well in terms of diet chart knowing BMI or researching everything on an online portal like ours is another good idea.

How to gain weight in a purely natural way without any side effects? A super effective method followed by many in 2024.

Some people are skinny naturally though healthy and fit. Falling in the underweight category does not indicate any specific health problem for real. However, to look better and good it becomes important to gain some weight. 

foods which can certainly help in gaining weight

Some of the foods which can certainly help in gaining weight include:

  • Healthy fats and oils from olives, avocados
  • Whole grains like brown rice, oats.
  • Meats like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish.
  • Dried fruits and nuts like raisins, prunes, dry berries, dates, walnuts, almonds, cashews.
  • Daily products with full cream and fat.
  • Others like dark chocolates, peanut butter, potatoes, sweet potato, peanut butter, etc.

Some of the best tips of 2024 to gain weight:

  • Do not prefer to drink water before meals instead prefer after because it makes the stomach full and makes you eat less.
  • Eat more frequently between main meals to add up additional calories.
  • Try a good weight gaining protein shake.
  • Increase the portion size of each meal by opting for bigger plates.
  • Add cream to desserts or simple cold or hot coffee to get some extra calories.
  • Prefer eating calorie-rich and protein-rich things first from your plate leaving the fibrous ones for the later part.
  • Take proper 6-8 hours of sleep to allow muscles to repair and grow.
  • Avoid smoking since it causes weight loss although quitting it might cause an abrupt weight gain.
How to gain weight

How to gain weight? The best guide of 2024 for girls to follow

Gaining weight needs a regime to follow like eat, workout, sleep, and repeat. Besides your daily professional or home chores eating right and working out right will be able to give you the desired results. 

  • For every thin girl looking for a good body and figure it becomes important to pay some attention to daily calorie intake. 
  • Completely abstain from junk food since it is full of trans fat and saturated fats which are unhealthy and not going to give a good body ever. 
  • Add some weight supplements for extra benefits in a protein-rich glass of milk.
  • Add some healthy and body complementing foods like bane shake or other shakes of choice, whole grain pasta, brown bread, dry fruits always handy to snack on. 
  • Eating the right size of the portion and being hydrated by taking 8-10 glasses of water with good exercise like strength training modifications can help to reach goals faster. 
  • Always remember to consume water 10 minutes after your meals. 
  • Sleeping overall troubles and issues reduce stress and makes the body feel better and repaired so go for it.

How to gain weight super fast a guide mainly for the skinny people

Quite a good number of people face difficulty in gaining weight, especially the most skinny ones. Maybe because they are super active or instead their metabolism rate is too high. 

Although there are ectomorphs who have a smaller structure which is meant to remain that way with little chances to get bigger. 

But each and every person let it be hardgainer, ectomorph, extremely skinny needs to eat a huge number of calories each day than the required. Eating can only make things right for even a person with a genetically leaner body. It works, really does.

Further, eating nearly 0.82 g of protein per pound of your body weight can actually provide sufficient muscle growth and repair. 

So keeping it simple and consuming 100 g of protein total in all forms daily can easily hit the targets of going weight for a 132 lbs skinny person. 

Go for chicken breast, steaks, tuna, whole eggs, salmon, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and easily becomes the task with such yummy things with a protein portion on the plate.

Another important aspect is the carbohydrate and fats ratio of consumption for weight gain. These contain more calories which are easier to consume. 

However, give priority to Zumba Calories Burned via proteins and later followed by carbs and fats the easy ones for a quick and easier weight gain.

What to follow during exercise to gain weight fast at home?

Exercising is important to maintain healthy desirous body weight. 

But to gain weight it is best to do less cardio and aerobic exercises. Instead, strength training helps in toning up the body without burning much fat.

Also working out in moderation is the key to maintaining weight. 

Weight lifting also helps to increase appetite and hence allows more room for calories but it takes strength to reach there.

How to go about a weight gain goal calculator

How to go about a weight gain goal calculator?

It becomes easy to add weight by eating more carbs and fats. But that weight is not really healthy weight and it tends gai shed off once you change the diet. 

Ideal weight gain comes via more protein intake and regular exercise. 

Balance of everything is important in a weight gain journey. 

Several calorie or weight gain calculators are available online. Such calculators compute the daily calorie intake as per age, gender and activity levels. Making it simpler to follow as daily goals for a bigger goal of weight gain.

So in simple terms follow a basic of 55% of calories through carbohydrates, 1g nearly per lbs of the body protein and remaining in the form of fats.


Gaining weight is a little tricky but can be achieved with smart goals. As per nutritionists men and women have different sets of daily caloric requirements. Consuming more than the basic requirement is certain to allow you to add some weight. 

Although for maintaining healthy weight sleep and stress control are also equally important.

So meditate, exercise or do what makes you stress-free too.

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